CF089 AMBER vs KIM was scheduled at the request of one of my best sponsors. This sponsor has a personal friendship with established porn star KIMBERLY KUPPS, who has been in many videos produced by Napali and others. KIM was selected to sexfight AMBER because both women have large breasts. The sponsor was anxious to see KIM in a REAL sexfight and not the fake sexfights which had helped her become famous.

Let me preface my following comments by saying that KIM is one of the nicest women I've ever met. She is beautiful inside and out. I spent over 4 hours with her in her lovely spacious home and she couldn't have been more gracious or delightful. She fixed me a nice lunch as we chatted about the Adult Video Industry that she has long been a part of, and is doing very well in, telling me stories about her travels and experiences throughout the world. She is very well traveled and extremely interesting. We exchanged information about how we produced videos, websites and more. I had a terrific time getting to know her and I felt we became good friends.

Having said that I must tell you of some advice that I was given by Marty from California Wildcats a couple of years ago when I was trying in vain to schedule a sexfight between established porn star Jewell Marceau and Joslyn. Marty said, and I'm paraphrasing here, "I don't think you will get the results you are used to as Jewell, like all other porn stars, has been told what to do by producers her entire career. When you tell her how you produce your videos she won't understand what you mean."

Marty was right. Even though the sponsor had explained my video style to Kim beforehand, as had Amber over the phone, and as I had for 90 minutes before we began the shoot, Kim just didn't get it. From the first minute Kim became the director trying to instruct Amber on what to do. For her part, Amber tried in vain for almost 30 minutes to get Kim to compete with her sexually with no luck.

At this point I stopped them and again explained to Kim that she should try and force Amber to orgasm against her will. She said she understood and they began again with little difference from before. Poor Amber was outsized and outweighed and was mostly stuck underneath Kim trying her best to get free. After 60 minutes I had seen enough and called it quits.

Again, I want to state strongly that it is not Kim's fault. Marty was right. After many, many years of performing in Adult Videos for many companies Kim had no idea how to sexfight for real. It was totally alien to her.