This video is titled, "BEST FRIENDS" and TAYLOR and VERONIKA are just that. It has been my experience over the years that some of the most competitive erotic competitions occur between best friends because neither wants to lose to the other. There is a natural rivalry that can't be faked or ignored. This is the case in CF088.

It is a fun and friendly sexfight featuring nine forced orgasms with two of them coming during a rare MUTUAL ORGASM! This sixty-three minute erotic contest showcases VERONIKA, one of my favorite sexfighters and winner of last years FANTASY SEXFIGHT LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP, versus her best friend TAYLOR. They couldn't be more evenly matched as they wear each other's clothes. They know each other VERY well as they've made love countless times.

Now this is not the same TAYLOR featured in CF007, CF016 and CF017. This is a brand new TAYLOR and I feel lucky to have met her as she is beautiful, strong, sexy and very competitive. She had a great time in her first encounter and is anxious to sexfight again against a different opponent.

This video features fingering, deep-fingering, rodeo trib, reverse cowgirl trib, scissor trib and clitfighting, plus sixty-nine and more. There is lots of trash-talking between these two friends and lots of laughter, too. These two have a natural ability to discover ways to make each other orgasm including a "rub off" that causes TAYLOR to momentarily lose the lead in points.

I had a great time filming this sexual contest and I'm sure you will enjoy watching it. These are two beautiful, sexy and athletic women who love sex and sexual competition.