AMBER defeated JOSLYN in their first sexual competition 1-0 (CF064). It bothered JOSLYN at the time because AMBER had gotten "into her head" during their match. JOSLYN is not the first, nor the last, woman that AMBER has done this to. Needless to say JOSLYN was looking for a little payback. Her plan was to attack AMBER'S breasts and make it a titfight.

From the first minute of their sexual contest JOSLYN went on the attack pinching, pulling, squeezing and slapping AMBER'S breasts and nipples every chance she got. AMBER fights back but I would have to say that JOSLYN has a much higher pain threshold than AMBER. Although this is a fairly "friendly" sexual contest. Don't think that it isn't hard-fought. Both women try their best to sexually subdue the other and they work each other over for over 60 minutes.

There is fingering, hair pulling, many breast and nipple attacks plus oodles of trib and clit-to-clit grinding. No lube was necessary as both women were wet for each other. There was an important discovery in this match that even I didn't expect. After witnessing JOSLYN compete in over 30 erotic competitions I was amazed to learn that her feet were prime targets for an erotic attack. Both women sucked, licked and bit each others feet and toes and I couldn't believe how wet it made them. I'm not a "foot fan" but I know by your emails that many of you are. This sexual contest will be of special interest to you as they both attack feet while grinding pussies in the scissor trib position.

It is very erotic to hear their moans of pleasure and frustration as they nudge each other closer and closer to a powerful orgasm.