ARIANNA is on a roll and feeling a little cocky. She has defeated both BRIANNA and SABRINA in clitfights and was anxious to match her clit against the clit of a veteran of erotic competitions. The sponsors love her enthusiasm, win or lose, and have lined up to sponsor her. As one sponsor said to me recently, "You really get your monies worth sponsoring ARIANNA." I am in total agreement.

In CF086 ARIANNA continues her erotic search for women who will test her rather large clit in a sexual competition. At my suggestion the sponsor chose JOSLYN, another woman blessed with larger than normal feminine "equipment" nestled between her soft pussylips.

From the beginning of this sexual contest JOSLYN couldn't help but notice ARIANNA'S attitude. Normally laid back, JOSLYN took the first orgasm from ARIANNA but quickly found herself tied 1-1 less than 3 minutes later. Another 3 minutes goes by and now JOSLYN finds herself at a disadvantage to ARIANNA after being made to orgasm for the second time and she was forced to step up her game much quicker than she had planned.

The women trade barbs, trash-talk and name calling while locked in a sexy sixty-nine. Each woman works her opponent over by mutual deep-fingering, clit sucking and finger manipulation occasionally spitting into her rival's pussy just to keep things juicy. Once they lock up clit-to-clit their hips begin to grind out a few more orgasms while the insults continue.

There is a clear winner in this match but only by 1 point and after the match is over the loser threatens revenge which causes the winner to get irritated. I thought the contest was over and had turned off the cameras. Big mistake as the catty-snide remarks continued between them. I picked up my camera again and turned it on just in time to catch a little "after match action" as the winner quickly chose to facesit the loser and force her to suck her clit and drink her juices as further proof of her sexual superiority. However, after the facesit the loser made sure the winner felt her passion for a rematch through a nice long tongue-kiss.

This is a very hot sexual contest. Needless to say a rematch between these two will certainly provide even more ill feelings and powerful orgasms. I'm sure if the loser gains her revenge there will be an even more intense facesit as payback punishment.