This video was sponsored by a gentleman who loves clit fights. ARIANNA has a very large clit and she had defeated her friend Brianna, who has a small clit, easily in their clit fight. So, when the sponsor asked me who I would recommend as a suitable opponent for ARIANNA I thought instantly of SABRINA. SABRINA also has one of the largest clits among all of the women on my website. She matched clits with Joslyn and almost won. Joslyn also has a very big clit but is so much more experienced than ARIANNA I felt she would be too experienced at this stage of ARIANNA'S career. Besides, SABRINA has never won an Erotic Competition and I thought she might stand a good chance of getting her first win against the newcomer ARIANNA and that her experience level was better suited to ARIANNA in only her second clit fight.

Their clit fight started out with the two women examining each other and comparing the size of their clits. Once satisfied they entered their sexual arena to battle it out in a 60 minute clit-to-clit competition. The scoring went back and forth and the women even shared a rare Mutual Orgasm which still left them tied. Exhausted and sore the women took a short rest. Each woman had gained respect for her opponent and her impressive sexual weapon.

After a drink and a slight rest period the women decided to break the tie and settle the competition using the double-dildo and use it they did as each woman tried to thrust more of the dildo into her opponent. There are grunts and groans throughout as they push harder and deeper until one woman can hold her orgasm no longer. This is a very hard-fought and competitive clit fight topped off with some exciting double-dildo action.