MISSY vs JOSLYN was sponsored by a lover of trib competition. The rules were very simple - compete with your clits until a winner emerges. These two certainly delivered almost non-stop.

MISSY is a newcomer to erotic competitions. She is perfectly matched with Joslyn as both are nearly the same height and weight. The big difference is in experience. But Missy showed that when it comes to clit-versus-clit grinding it is all about technique. What is technique? It is the way a woman positions her clit relative to her opponent's clit and the amount of force behind the grind. Technique is all about "feel" and the ability to locate her opponent's clit with her own. technique is about angle-of-attack and size and stiffness and lubrication and willpower and desire. Missy appears to excel in all of these areas and gives veteran Joslyn all she can handle.

JOSLYN you have seen many times before. Looking at her won-loss record you can see that she loses as much as she wins. Why is she sponsored so often with a near 50-50 record? I'll tell you why. I receive emails from her fans who love to watch her lose just as much as they love to watch her win because Joslyn always brings her "A-Game" into every contest. She never backs away from an opponent and she hardly ever loses by more than a point. I personally feel that in a lot of her losses she just runs out of time. I guess you could say that she is a slow starter. If the contests ran 90 minutes instead of 60 maybe her record would show a lot more wins than it does. At least I think it would. Against Missy and her talented grind Joslyn never backed away in the give-and-take of this erotic contest.

Near the end of this 60 minute competition the women knew the score was tight and each wanted the win badly. You can feel the urgency build during the last 10 minutes as each woman tried her best to grind her opponent into defeat. Both women were red, swollen and sore between their thighs. I was very impressed with each woman's clit-to-clit technique and especially Missy's as it was her first sexual contest. I hope that sponsors will bring Missy and Joslyn back for another hard grinding contest very soon.

In all there are 7 orgasms leading to a clear winner in this 60 minute contest.