MISSY vs TAYLOR is a sixty minute "ANYTHING GOES" erotic competition that started with one woman pulling out to a wide lead in points. About forty minutes into the contest I thought picking the winner was certain. I couldn't have been more wrong.

MISSY lost her very first sexual contest to JOSLYN by just one point. She impressed me as being very competitive but just a little short on strategy and technique. I figured that an erotic competition versus TAYLOR would be an even match and also provide her with a less experienced opponent that she might have an easier time competing with and maybe earn her first win.

TAYLOR won her very first match against her very good friend VERONIKA by one slim point. In that match she picked up one valuable technique that came in handy in this match against MISSY. TAYLOR lost her second match versus LACI which is why I thought she might learn more from a contest against MISSY.

One woman bolts out to a very wide lead and seems to be coasting to a victory but hits a wall when her opponent remembers a technique that really turns this sexual contest around. It is nip-and-tuck right up until the end and there is no lack of action as a total of 15 orgasms are taken and given by these two beautiful and sexy young women.

There is Rodeo Trib, Scissor Trib, Reverse Straddle Trib, plus LOTS of fingering and deep-fingering in this marathon struggle. One woman loses her focus and blows a pretty substantial lead in points once her "flood gates" are opened.