CFC102 LACI vs JOSLYN is a true blond versus brunette sexfight featuring 3 match newcomer LACI versus 36 match veteran JOSLYN in a young versus old erotic competition. This match was over a year in the making. LACI was offered this match-up in early 2010 and wasn't sure she was ready to challenge such an experienced woman like JOSLYN. Two beautiful, sexual women who have been anticipating this meeting for over a year faced off in lingerie selected and provided by the sponsor.

The rules were "Anything Goes" and the sponsor requested that the women leave their lingerie on as long as possible. This request caused some problems for the women as, I'm told, pantie-to-pantie trib can get quite painful.

Back when I first started, eleven years ago, all of my videos were lingerie matches and the panties stayed on the entire time. The biggest complaint I received from the ladies was that the panties soaked up any moisture and that their skin became raw from the constant grinding and scraping. It is the reason there was much more fingering than trib back then.

Well, that exact same thing happened in this match and you can hear the effect of the pain every time they trib, which was often, especially from LACI as JOSLYN is older and much tougher. This is not to say that JOSLYN did not suffer because she certainly did. You can clearly see it in her facial expressions. She just was not as vocal as the younger woman. It was still a very painful, hard-fought match and the 5-4 final score is testament to their pain tolerance.

I am into erotic competition, pure and simple. The more even the match the happier I am. Even though CFC102 is not totally nude it was an even match with 5 orgasms as a result of rodeo trib, 1 orgasm from clit-to-clit grinding, 1 orgasm from the double-dildo and a mutual orgasm from mutual fingering. It was close right up to the end. When you see the distressed look on the face of one of the women at the very end you will know that she had been in a painful sexfight. I was very pleased with the match and I thank the sponsor for his choices.

I have priced this video a little differently than usual because of the lack of nudity. The last 16 minutes of the match is when the women take off their panties but up until that point the panties stay on along with the rest of their lingerie.