I titled CFC103 CARMEN vs TIERRA "UNTESTED" because neither woman had ever been in or even heard of an erotic competition. But, when I explained what the contest was all about they both seemed interested and excited to try it.

On the day of their match we were scheduled to shoot at noon and both of the girls left early (9:30am) but ran into a parking lot on the Interstate due to an accident blocking the highway. Once the accident was cleared they were back underway when just 15 miles from my Interstate exit they had a flat tire. They called the Florida Highway Patrol and requested that a Road Ranger stop by and help them change their tire. FHP dispatched the Ranger but the girls then waited 2 hours in the heat for him to show up. Once the Ranger arrived he changed their tire to the only spare they had - the donut.

Back on the road again they finally arrived at 3pm.  After quick showers they were ready to compete by 3:30pm.

Tierra was very professional in that she kept me informed throughout this ordeal via cell phone and because of that I was able to find a tire store that was open on Sunday (WalMart) until 7pm so that after they left my house they were able to get a new tire installed for the trip home.

Even with their lack of experience they were very competitive. After 60 minutes the score was tied 3-3 and as a tiebreaker they chose the double-dildo to settle their score.

Both women were extremely competitive and took the contest very seriously. They hardly spoke at all. There was no trash-talking, just heavy breathing, grunts and moans. They were pretty raw and unsure of just what sexfighting was all about. They knew the rules in advance, which I had emailed them, but they were very short on technique. In hindsight I should have sent them a DVD of a sexfight in advance so they could have watched and learned. That is my fault.

Throughout the course of the match they had a lot of trouble keeping their pussies in contact and that could be partly due to Tierra being nearly six feet tall. Add to that the fact that we started so late that I didn't get to sit and chat with them at all. Had I been able to do that I would have learned that they do mostly m/f videos. Their experience at f/f videos was very limited they said AFTER we had finished the shoot.

It will be obvious to all of you that they were much more comfortable with the double-dildo than anything and I fear you will think it too much. Maybe I'm just too critical but I really want to please all of you and I'm not sure this video will. They were honest about being very competitive as they really concentrated on out-fucking each other.