CFC104 ARIANNA vs KENNA is the first of two SEMI-FINAL matches that will determine which women will compete to win the BEST BREASTS CHAMPIONSHIP. The rules were that both women face each other on their knees and use only their breasts to make the other woman back off and say "STOP!" The woman who causes the other woman to quit is awarded a point. If at any time an orgasm occurs through breast-to-breast contact then the woman who causes the orgasm is awarded a point. Once a woman backs away from the breast contest then the contest becomes trib. The trib part of the competition lasts until an orgasm is achieved and a point is awarded to the woman who causes the orgasm to occur. In the case of a Mutual Orgasm both women are awarded a point. When the women are finished with the trib part of the competition they then must return to the breasts against breasts contest. The contest is 60 minutes in length and the clock stops during a "Time Out." These rules were explained to both women at the start and they tried their best to follow them. Both women started nude.

Kenna was determined to get her first win and told me the day before that she had learned a lot from her two matches against Arianna and Laci. Now she would be facing Arianna for the second time but the emphasis of this erotic contest would be her breasts against Arianna's breasts. No hands or fingers would be allowed.

Arianna was extremely confident before the start of the match. After all, she had defeated Kenna once before. In her mind, why should this day be any different? I expected that there would be just a few orgasms traded back and forth but I had NO IDEA there would be a TOTAL of TWENTY-ONE orgasms in 60 minutes!

Throughout the course of the match there were a total of SEVEN MUTUAL orgasms. TWO of them were by breasts-to-breasts contact, FOUR were by Rodeo Trib and ONE was by Scissor Trib. This video surprised me from beginning to end and that doesn't happen very often. I was amazed at how wet both women became. At one point in the trib contest Arianna and Kenna were slapping their pussies together pretty hard and the sound of their dripping, overly-lubricated pussies filled the room to the point of distraction. It was totally unexpected but not unwelcome.

If you are a fan of breast-to-breast competition and hard-grinding trib you will want to add this video to your collection. If you are not a fan you may become one after viewing this amazing erotic contest. I can only hope that the second Semi-Final Match will be nearly as good as this one. The winner of this match will face the winner of the second Semi-Final Match for the Championship Title.