CFC105 JOSLYN vs KENNA - and I titled it "GIVE AND TAKE" because of the back-and-forth action. This match is very special because each woman was given the chance to scout the other. I shipped both women DVDS in advance of their meeting. KENNA received a copy of JOSLYN'S first match against ARIANNA - the match where ARIANNA humiliated JOSLYN at the very end. JOSLYN was shipped a copy of KENNA'S winning match over ARIANNA for the BEST BREAST SEMI-FINAL - the match where KENNA gave ARIANNA a good lesson in trib.

Both women were able to get an idea about the type of woman she was about to face. I've told many customers over the phone how JOSLYN claimed she watched KENNA'S video three times and got hornier for KENNA with each viewing. When you see the opening scene you will understand why as it is so obvious that these two were a great match-up. They trade orgasms frequently and neither woman had more than a two point lead. The score is tied up in the last minute when suddenly a winner emerges. In my opinion it could have gone either way. I believe that next time these two lock up the score might tip the other way.

The women begin in dresses, panties and heels. This was their first meeting and KENNA was the less experienced woman so her nerves were obvious to me from the beginning. However, it didn't take long for JOSLYN'S fingers and soft kisses to settle KENNA down a little. Both women used their palms and fingers to get their competitive juices flowing.

Trib and fingering were the techniques of choice on this afternoon but not exclusively. You will see clit rubbing, missionary trib, rodeo trib, deep-fingering, scissor trib and hard clit-to-clit grinding. Some form of trib accounted for 14 of the 19 orgasms traded.

This video is one of the best I've produced and it is because of the chemistry that developed between KENNA and JOSLYN. You can see it explode about 16 minutes in. Watch it and then tell me if you want to see a rematch. I know I do.