Our last Erotic Competition (CF#081) featured the debut of beautiful and sexy ARIANNA. In our newest release we introduce you to BRIANNA, with her long blond hair, a perfect round ass and squeezable breasts. She agrees to the challenge offered by ARIANNA who has told her little about the competitive aspects of Erotic Competition.

ARIANNA coaxes the first orgasm out of BRIANNA just six minutes into the video. Then an orgasm occurs from one woman or the other about every five minutes after that all the way to the end where they challenge each other using the double-dildo. This starts out as a TRIB ONLY Erotic Competition and both women are extremely hungry for each other. Plenty of tongue kissing, clit-to-clit grinding and camera close-ups are featured in this sixty-four minute sexual competition.

There are 15 orgasms shared between them and I think they had more in reserve but the time ran out and the competition was over. The sponsor will have these two back together real soon, I'm sure. BRIANNA is our newest competitor and the most feminine and "girlie" woman I've ever worked with. Hearing dirty talk from such a feminine voice really turned me on. It might have the same effect on you.

This video will please those of you who enjoy large breasted women and LOTS of TRIB. It is 64 minutes in length.