This Erotic Competition features the debut of beautiful and sexy ARIANNA, with long brunette hair, longer legs and large breasts. She accepts the challenge from veteran RACHEL who dubs her a "NEWBIE" and plans on teaching her the ins and outs of competitive sex. However, it is ARIANNA who coaxes the first orgasm out of the veteran through Missionary Trib just 9 minutes into their sexual contest. From that point on they trade orgasms back and forth.

Missionary Trib, Rodeo Trib, Tongue Kissing, Pussy Sucking and more are featured in this sixty minute Erotic Competition. There are 12 orgasms including a MUTUAL ORGASM caused by Missionary Trib.

ARIANNA is our newest competitor and she proves in this video that she should hold her own against most of the more experienced women featured here on this website. She is anxious to match her sex against some of the veteran women who are more skilled at sexual competitions.

This video will please those of you who enjoy large breasted women. It is 60 minutes in length.