This Erotic Competition was videotaped in a hotel room in Tampa, Florida. It was during the popular FETISHCON, which is a FETISH CONVENTION held every year for fans of Professional Adult Models who specialize in fulfilling the erotic fantasies of mostly men (some women were there, too) from around the world. As I walked into the Lobby I was shocked to see women strolling about in all sorts of lingerie. They were very casual about their dress (undress really!) and it was unusual to see them at the elevators, the Lobby, the hallways, and even the SNACK BAR! On my way to MISHELL'S hotel room I was taken aback by a tall, beautiful woman wearing ass-less chaps who winked at me as we passed each other. She really had a nice butt! LOL!

I found MISHELL'S room and knocked on the door. When it opened I was surprised to see it full of people! Models, photographers, Agents, friends, relatives, etc. I was definitely not expecting there to be so many bodies. I'm used to videotaping all by myself in my own Studio. This was going to be a new experience.

I began to set up my cameras, tripods and light stands, all the time worrying about someone knocking something over by accident. It wasn't long before MISHELL arrived, she had been downstairs in the Convention Hall visiting her fans. A short time later AMBER arrived and in only a few minutes the women were ready to do Erotic Battle.

The sponsor of this Erotic Competition had requested that it be a TRIB-ONLY fight. No fingers or dildos, just clit against clit and pussy-to-pussy. Real woman fighting! I set the countdown clock for 60 minutes and gave the women the signal to begin. It only took about 8 minutes for the first orgasm to occur and the second orgasm happened less than a minute later.

AMBER and MISHELL know each other very well having worked together at the Webcam House. I noticed that they were talking and whispering to each other trying to turn each other on. It was definitely working as they shared erotic fantasies with each other, sometimes whispering into each other's ear.

The orgasms were wet and no lubrication was ever needed in this competition. You can see by the photos that the female fluids were really flowing between these two sexual dynamos. After one particularly strong orgasm MISHELL asked AMBER, "Did I get you with a mindfuck?"

It was obvious she did and that is why I titled this video, "MINDFUCK!"

This Erotic Competition is 62 minutes long and is a must-have for lovers of Trib-Only competitions. There are plenty of orgasms including a rare MUTUAL ORGASM. You won't be disappointed!