Zaina was busy in my kitchen fixing herself a cup of green tea for her scratchy throat when Sabrina walked in. "Do you want some tea?" asked Zaina. Sabrina answered, "I have other things in mind. Tea can wait." With that Sabrina began to kiss Zaina deeply and both women let their hands explore each other's butt. You could hear by their breathing that both women were excited to match pussies and clits. Sabrina broke their clinch and led Zaina into the Studio where they continued the love bites and kissing. Again their breathing increased as the kisses became more passionate. Sabrina moved to the mattress and motioned for Zaina to join her in erotic combat. Zaina looked a little hesitant as she entered the arena. Both women moved into the scissor trib position. Sabrina said, "I'm gonna get you hot and bothered, make you my little bitch." Zaina responded, "I'll make you my little slut." "You like that, don't you?" asked Sabrina, "You like me rubbing my pussy all over yours? I'll make you cum and scream." Zaina answered, "I'll make you cum twice." Sabrina shot back, "I'm gonna make you cum a whole lot more than that!" Each woman took her turn aggressively grinding her clit into her rival and their pussies grew wetter and more swollen as they continued to try and dominate each other sexually. When the women turn to the double-dildo it is Sabrina who has trouble and begins to breathe as if she is in discomfort. Zaina asks, "Are you taking it?" "Yeah, are you?" answers Sabrina, "I'll drive it deep inside you!" Zaina begins to thrust harder in response to Sabrina's threat. The double-dildo drives even deeper into Sabrina's swollen pussy. Sabrina spreads Zaina's legs further apart so that she can try to force more of the dildo into her opponent but it appeared to me that Zaina had the stronger vagina muscles which she clamped and held onto the intruding toy with all her strength. Zaina quietly taunted her adversary saying, "Are you used to big and thick like this?" "I'm used to bigger than this, baby." Sabrina replied. "Oh yeah? Why isn't more of it in you?" asked Zaina. It was obvious to me that Sabrina's vagina muscles were no match for Zaina's. Sabrina tried to thrust even deeper but for the time being Zaina was in control. Sabrina's deeper thrusts were successful in forcing most of the double-dildo into Zaina's pussy and it cost Zaina the first forced orgasm. Sabrina grunted and threatened Zaina by saying, "I'm gonna make you cum and ram this in your pussy!" Less than a minute later it was Sabrina who let loose with her own orgasm. The double-dildo had now forced an orgasm out of each sexfighter. With less than five minutes left in the contest the score was tied. Sabrina and Zaina traded positions and continued to battle pussy-to-pussy and clit-to-clit. In the end it was the woman who could drive her clit hardest that broke the tie and forced the winning orgasm. With ass muscles clenced both women scraped their pussies across and around until the final orgasm drained all of the energy out of the loser. You will be the winner when you view this 80 minute sexual contest filled with passionate kissing, love bites, double-dildo and lots and lots of juicy trib.