This video marks Dakota's first defense of her Championship Title since she won it by defeating Mishell in CF077. Her Challenger is Amber, who also defeated Mishell in the hotel room in Tampa in CF080. These women have been friends for a few years so there is little trash-talking. Even though they smile at each other it doesn't mean they aren't competitive. Both women are mentally tough and physically disciplined. Both women have large breasts and inviting nipples which become targets throughout this 65 minute contest. In fact, I feel like the persistent nipple tweaking is what made the difference for the winner.

Amber is proud of her breasts ever since she won the Title of "TIT QUEEN" by defeating Rachel in a breast-to-breast duel in CF069. You will see more nipple tweaking and trib in this video than in any other video I can think of. Two mature women who need no lubrication but rely on their own ample juices to keep their hardened clits in contact and grinding together.

This is a very competitive but fun Erotic Competition and is a perfect video to show your wife or girlfriend.