Some women can be taught to sexfight and others are BORN to sexfight. VERONIKA and ROXY were definitely born to sexfight and they prove it in their latest match, CF#076. This is their second encounter, having fought once before in CF#050, and both women were determined to prove to the other who had the stronger sex.

Another trait that proves these two were born sexfighters is their ability to learn from the past and apply that knowledge the next time they tangle. ROXY narrowly edged VERONIKA 2-1 in their first sexfight and it became obvious that both women changed their sexfighting style for their second fight.

In CF#050 VERONIKA did most of the trash-talking and ROXY quietly took the grinding trib offensive while noisy VERONIKA used an attack-and-retreat tactic, a style she is very comfortable with. However, in CF#076 their roles appeared reversed as VERONIKA attacked with hard, sometimes furious, grinding trib and rarely retreated. ROXY stood her ground/grind and gave as good as she got but the big surprise was her trash-talking! I had never heard her use fouler language nor with such intensity as she did this day. It reminded me of the classic trash-talking in CF#059 VERONIKA vs ALISSA 2. Often VERONIKA had to try and out-trash-talk ROXY! I didn't know ROXY had it in her!

These two women CHALLENGE each other to "GRIND IT OUT!" and one woman's clit is numb after 60 minutes of hard clit-to-clit contact. Early on in the fight VERONIKA mounts ROXY and says, "Give me that clit, bitch! Don't hide it from me!" ROXY opens her legs wide, as usual, and replies confidently, "Grind it, bitch!"

This video is 85% trib with some nice double-dildo in the middle. There is a RARE mutual orgasm that HAS to be seen as each woman drenches the other with her pussy juices! I've watched it a dozen times myself! You will, too, as I'm sure this video will become one of your favorites. Seventy-two minutes of hard grinding trib and clitfighting with a dash of double-dildo for good measure.