This sexfight was scheduled months ago but Dakota suffered a back injury and had to cancel at the last minute. This was to be Mishell's FOURTH Title defense, having already defeated Roxy (for the second time), Joslyn (also for the second time), and Veronika. Mishell had defeated Dakota back in CF#036 by a 3-1 score. That sexfight featured lots of deep-fingering and deep tongue kissing. This Championship sexfight began where their last sexfight left off and continued with even more deep-fingering, sixty-nine and deep kissing. After I introduced both fighters and explained the rules they locked lips in a passionate kiss as their fingers explored further below!

Mishell is undefeated (except for her loss to Veronika for the Toy Championship) in pure sexfighting with an 8-0 record. Several women have come close to defeating Mishell but no woman has found the key to unseat her from her Championship crown. As I wrote on my Message Board Forum I was surprised to see how Dakota dominated Mishell in their 10 minute demonstration sexfight during the Podcast at the Webcam House.

They fought in front of me for 10 minutes and Dakota kept her fingers buried deeply into Mishell's pussy and tortured the Champion relentlessly! It was thrilling to watch and I wondered at the time if Dakota hadn't discovered Mishell's weakness and was exploiting it to gain the advantage?

In this Championship Title Sexfight Dakota does just that. She deep-fingers Mishell throughout the 60 minute contest and Mishell returns the favor. Both sexfighters deep-finger almost constantly!

There is no trib in this video but it is loaded with sixty-nine, deep-deep-fingering and the most lustful kissing and hair-pulling of any of my videos! If you are a fan of lustful kissing, sixty-nine while deep-fingering, hair-pulling while kissing and deep-fingering, clit sucking, pussy licking and did I mention deep-fingering?! Then this most competitive sexfight is for you!