The first TOY CHAMPIONSHIP sexfight was extremely hard fought with VERONIKA defeating MISHELL two contests to one for the Title. No one since had stepped forward to challenge Champion VERONIKA until JOSLYN recently issued her challenge. Thankfully, a sponsor stepped forward and the Title Defense was on and it didn't disappoint. The two sexiest women in the World of Chickfight Sexfighting were about to match pussies and clits with the TOY CHAMPIONSHIP Title at stake. Both women had sexfought before and were in great shape physically. As always both were extremely horney for each other which guaranteed a great sexfight!

Every time these two fought in the past the level of sexuality peaked off the chart as they pushed each other to their erotic limits and beyond. VERONIKA defeated JOSLYN in their first sexfight(cf#044)by a score of 2-1. JOSLYN fought back and defeated VERONIKA in their second sexfight(cf#057)also by the score of 2-1. Now these two sexfighters were poised to determine which woman could dole out more pleasure and which woman could withstand the onslaught. I knew they would push each other further than either had been before and I was right! From the start the level of trash-talking, especially from JOSLYN, was dirtier and more frequent.

"Fuck you!" said Veronika. "Oh, I am, I thought?" replied Joslyn. "I'm fucking you, honey!" Veronika stated. "Is that what it is? I thought I was fucking you? Let's just fuck each other!" answered Joslyn. And fuck each other they did with abandon as the first contest involved vibrating eggs in the trib position. Even before I said "GO" they started attacking each other. I patiently waited with a smile on my face because I knew they wanted at each other sexually and they just couldn't hold back. Finally they were ready and I counted them down to their first 20 minute contest. I knew from their past two sexfights that they both had a tendency to cheat whenever the opportunity presented itself. It didn't take long for JOSLYN to start the cheating as she introduced her own tiny vibrating bullet. VERONIKA placed it between their pussylips so that it rested next to their clits as she started to grind down onto JOSLYN'S clit. The gasps were frequent as the bullet mashed their clits together and started both women juicing each other with their fluids. They called each other filthy names!

The second contest involved vibrating dildos and "pocket rockets" starting in the sixty-nine position. When I said "GO!" both women started working each other over with their vibrating toys. The vibrating dildos were thrust deeply into pussies and the pocket rockets caused their clits to swell and their pussylips to grow fat and puffy!

The final contest saw both women try to conquer the other sexually using the double-dildo. They moved into various positions but kept the double-dildo inside them constantly. As the twenty minute timer went off neither woman had gained the advantage so the contest went into overtime. This video is 83 minutes in length and it is as fun as it is sexy. I found myself laughing at all of the cheating both women took part in and I definitely felt a bulge in my pants as each woman approached forced orgasm!