This sexfight was not sponsored until AFTER it was fought. ROXY and JOSLYN fought once before in CF055 to a 2-2 tie. They each felt like nothing was settled between them. Both women wanted this sexfight badly so I scheduled it without a sponsor because my gut feeling told me it would be a classic. I was right. This sexfight has become one of my all-time favorites and when you view it you will instantly know why. Each woman considers trib her strongest weapon. Their clits, when engorged, are equal in size and stiffness. Both women have a powerful pelvic thrust. If anything separated these two in CF055 it was in the area of cardio. ROXY hits the gym regularly where JOSLYN does not. However, before this sexfight, JOSLYN made every effort to get in better shape to increase her stamina. One look at JOSLYN shows it was time well spent. She looks better than ever and she eagerly looked forward to matching her pussy and clit against ROXY'S.

ROXY does not have the fan following that JOSLYN enjoys and it bothers her more than a little bit. She wanted this win to prove to all of you on the Message Board Forums that her pussy-to-pussy sexfighting skill was superior to JOSLYN'S and that her clit was a force to be reckoned with. ROXY still feels that if her 2 sexfights with MISHELL had been trib and clitfighting only that she would be the Champion. She wants to match clits with any woman brave enough to challenge her in that way. She agreed to match pussies and clits with JOSLYN and even test her woman-to-woman skills using the double-dildo. Who has the more powerful vagina muscles and which woman can endure her opponent's deep thrusts the longest? Like JOSLYN, ROXY backs down from no woman.

ROXY suggested they start slowly by massaging each other's pussylips to get them nice and swollen and their clits hard and erect. Then they undressed and moved to the mattress where they continued to work each other's pussylips and clit. Before they started their pussy kiss they spread each other's pussylips apart. Both women were wet with anticipation as they slowly scissored their legs and brought their spread-open pussylips into a deliciously wet wide open pussy-to-pussy kiss. Their juices quickly mixed together as their clits began to grind. Before long ROXY and JOSLYN were locked together into a full-on trib competition, each trying her best to out-grind the other. Very minimal lube was needed as both women were full wet for each other. The proof was evident when their pussylips mashed into each other and clung together as they pulled apart.

JOSLYN is famous for her large clit and her clitfighting technique and she gives ROXY all she can handle. To her credit, ROXY has an equally large clit and never backed down as she demonstrated her own clitfighting technique by mounting JOSLYN and grinding her formidable clit into her veteran rival's clit. Both clits were swollen and hard and inflicted considerable damage to the other. Lots of close-ups for all you clitfighting fans.

The highlight, for me, was when they reached for the double-dildo. JOSLYN was far more experienced sexfighting this way and she was very confident as she and ROXY each inserted an end and began their pump and grind. The secret to winning a competition like this is strength, control, angle of attack and willpower. Strength in their vaginal muscles means control over the double-dildo which ensures that the stronger muscled woman will thrust it deeper into her rival and control it longer. The angle of attack is being smart enough to aim it at your opponent's G-Spot or mash it across her clit in a way that fuels her sexual excitement faster than your own. Willpower is critical when on the defensive because even though she might be controlling the double-dildo and forcing more of it inside of you it is still thrusting inside of her, too. When both women are enduring equal depth and force of penetration then the only variable is willpower. Both women thrust deeply until their clits mash into each other and their pussylips cling together. I've never witnessed anything like it. Pure courage.

I don't want to over hype or sound like I am blowing my own horn but, honestly, if you know of or find a better, more competitive double-dildo scene than this one I'd sure like to know about it. Without a doubt this will be the benchmark scene that all other double-dildo scenes will be compared with in the future. ROXY and JOSLYN went at it tooth and nail with one woman gaining the advantage early on and then losing it and finally regaining it again. This is a solid 15 minutes of deep thrusting by both women. They fought with pride and courage with their most feminine weapons. Their fluids visibly flowing out of their pussies. Both fighters are so close to orgasm that you will wonder who will explode first. When one finally can hold her orgasm no longer she almost pleads for her opponent to stop thrusting but her tormentor will have none of it and continues to thrust the double-dildo even deeper into her adversary. This is easily the most thrilling double-dildo competition I've ever witnessed. It is said that styles make the fight and ROXY and JOSLYN are so made for each other. This video is a must have for your collection.