Late last year RACHEL logged on to my Message Board Forum and stated that she "wanted Joslyn's ass" in a sexfight rematch. JOSLYN accepted her challenge and once a sponsor was found I scheduled both experienced sexfighters to meet and prove which woman had the better sex. JOSLYN had narrowly beaten RACHEL 3-2 back in cf#045. RACHEL wanted to even the score and JOSLYN wanted to prove that she could force even more orgasms out of RACHEL than she did in their first sexfight. She stood in front of RACHEL ready to sexfight!

They started out with a little "feeling out" process to get their juices flowing and then got down to business grinding pussy-to-pussy with their panties on. As soon as the wetness began to accumulate the panties came off and naked pussies melted into each other and the grind began. RACHEL was the first to be forced into orgasm but she quickly fought back and forced JOSLYN to orgasm against her will. It looked to be a long fight.

JOSLYN looked fantastic and in the best shape in years. She's dancing again and her muscle tone was evident. Her clit is her greatest weapon and she sliced across RACHEL'S clit with skill and determination. I made sure to get plenty of close-ups of their two clits battling against each other. Both women groaned with pleasure as each tried to hold her orgasm longer than her opponent. Their clits were swollen beyond belief as they mashed together grinding harder. Their juices flowed freely and their pussylips clung together as their fluids mixed.

JOSLYN gave RACHEL a lesson in Rodeo Trib as she rode her hard. They matched their clits just right and then began a hard grind that caused them to moan and squeal every time their clits mashed together. Both women were eager to fight and it generated a lot of passionate French kissing in between forced orgasms. The bed sheet was covered in their sex juices as their pussies fought and ground together. There was a little fingering but mostly clitfighting and trib were the weapons of choice. There is even a mutual orgasm shared together.

Near the end of the 60 minute time limit RACHEL challenges JOSLYN to compete with the double-dildo and JOSLYN eagerly accepts. They bury it so deeply their clits touch as the entire dildo vanishes. Stroke after stroke the women grunt as the dildo torments their G-spots. Closer and closer each woman creeps toward an orgasm both want but not until their rival explodes first. They trash-talk calling each other names as the waves of pleasure build deeply within. The overhead camera angle captures the force of their thrusts as each tried her best to outfuck the other. Sexual pride is on the line when two experienced women match pussies like this.

There are NINE forced orgasms in this amazing sexfight including a rare mutual orgasm when neither woman could outlast the other and both explode their juices into each other. This is a hard-fought sexfight with a clear winner. One woman's sex is not as strong and powerful as her rival's. Fans of trib and kissing will be pleased with this video and there are plenty of forced orgasms throughout. The highest scoring sexfight so far in 2008!