I had a bad feeling about this videoshoot before I ever left my house. I've not had very good luck shooting away from my Studio. Bad audio, dirty looks from desk clerks upon checkout and lugging equipment through crowded lobbies. This sexfight had me worrying about all of those things and more on my drive to Orlando and Alissa's condo where this match was held. Zaina had arrived by bus the night before and I met her at the Depot, took her to dinner and then settled her in our Guest Bedroom. Before she went to bed Zaina asked to watch one of Alissa's videos so I put Alissa's sexfight with Joslyn into my DVD player and left her alone. Zaina watched the entire video twice. I was impressed that she had asked to scout her opponent so thoroughly.

The next morning Zaina and I loaded up my car and left for Orlando. It was a three hour drive and we had plenty of time to talk. Zaina was determined to sexfight Alissa better than she did against Roxy in her first sexfight. She had taken a lot of criticism for her lack of aggressiveness and she assured me that I would see a different Zaina today. She was right. I did. But I also saw a different Alissa.

I tell all of the women that I don't care who wins. I just want a fair and honest competition. If you win then great and if you lose that's okay, too. I won't bore you with all of the logistical problems I encountered that day or the fact that we shot the video in a room much smaller than mine. Just understand that I did the best I could with what I had to work with. The most important piece of information I want to give you is that Zaina did herself proud! She gave Alissa all she could handle and a little more.

Both women wrestled on the mattress trying to gain the advantage. They met pussy-to-pussy grinding into each other with all they had. Their contrasting black and white skin framed their pussies as Alissa tried to keep it light but you'll see by the mostly serious look on Zaina's face that she was determined to beat Alissa this day.

They shared the double-dildo and I was surprised at how eager Zaina was to hook up in that way with Alissa. She never backed away. Instead, she pounded into the smaller woman using her voluptuous ass and pelvis to push the dildo deeper into Alissa's pussy. On their backs and on their knees they fought with all they had.

The determination of "winner" in this sexfight was totally my decision. You see, one of the women tried to hide an orgasm from her opponent and from me. But, during the editing process, I noticed something interesting. With 4 different camera angles I watched over and over until I was sure I was right. The woman's hips jerked and spasmed and her breathing became suspicious and both of these "tells" were quickly followed by intense redness around her throat! These are all tell-tale signs of an orgasm in a woman!

Because I thought at the time of the sexfight that the score was tied after 60 minutes we went to a "sudden death" overtime where both women competed in a sixty-nine contest. The winner of this contest was actually the woman who tried to hide her orgasm during the 60 minute contest.
So, I made a judgment call and decided NOT to include the overtime score in the final tally. I did, however, include the footage of the sixty-nine overtime contest in the video for all of you to enjoy. I was almost deceived but my gut feelings about the entire day were true. I'm never driving to Orlando for a videoshoot again!