The sponsor of this sexfight wanted two women who were not stick figure thin and who weren't afraid to grind pussies and compete with the double-dildo between their legs. He chose wisely in VERONIKA and SABRINA. Both are full-bodied women who love trib and have no fear when it comes to grinding clits!

The difference between these two women when it comes to sexfighting is technique. VERONIKA is more experienced than SABRINA and she uses her trash-talking to her own advantage. If VERONIKA finds herself approaching orgasm she can talk her opponent into switching positions that will turn the advantage back to her. VERONIKA is not only beautiful and sexy she is SMART! Few sexfighters have learned how to defeat her.

SABRINA had yet to win her first sexfight at the start of this match but she, too, is smart. She learned in her sexfight with JOSLYN that her size advantage is one of her strongest weapons. JOSLYN also taught SABRINA that her oversized clit was a force to be reckoned with! SABRINA possesses a clit that rivals JOSLYN'S or ROXY'S clits. SABRINA'S clit gets stiff and hard and she uses it to grind VERONIKA'S smaller clit to the brink of orgasm. Watch SABRINA lure VERONIKA into her web and then grind clit-to-clit with the sexual blonde!

I have to admit that I was not a fan of the double-dildo a year ago. I didn't think it could be used in a competitive way. I was wrong. I'm now a huge fan of the double-dildo and VERONIKA and SABRINA perfectly illustrate why. They practically bury it in each other's pussy as they do all they can to out-fuck each other. The site of two sexual females pounding into each other crotch-to-crotch, the dildo disappearing inside them over and over really got me hot and not all women are as fearless as these two were. OUTSTANDING ACTION!

This sexfight is actually decided with the double-dildo in the last ten minutes. The four cameras capture the action as VERONIKA and SABRINA thrust deeply into each other. There are times when the double-dildo disappears and clits slam together. Their grunts, groans and hissing only illustrate the level of sexual excitement these two women share, each trying her best to force her opponent over the edge and into orgasm.

This is a friendly sexfight with lots of kissing and fondling. If your wife, girlfriend or life-partner is not offended by major use of the double-dildo then this is a good "couples" sexfight you both will enjoy. The women begin and end as friends. That doesn't mean that it isn't hard fought because it is very competitive. Sixty-eight minutes of trib, clitfighting, double-dildo and kissing between two very sexual women who really want to win!