These two sexfighters have tangled twice before. In CF#054 DAKOTA lost by just one point to RACHEL with the final score 4-5. It was a very close and competitive sexfight. Both women couldn't keep their hands off each other's tits. They pinched and pulled nipples, twisted, pulled and squeezed boobs. Smacked them together, bear hugged them together and, at the same time, fought pussy-to-pussy through 9 forced orgasms!

The second time they sexfought, in CF#058, DAKOTA defeated RACHEL 10-7 forcing 3 more orgasms out of her opponent than she gave up. In their second sexfight DAKOTA attacked RACHEL'S tits until RACHEL cried, "Leave my tits alone!" Again they attacked each other's tits but RACHEL just couldn't keep up with DAKOTA'S onslaught. Through all of their breastwork these two still managed to force 17 orgasms total!

CF#070 showcases their THIRD sexfight. I won't tell you who won but I will tell you that they force 12 orgasms in 62 minutes! They still attack breasts but, this time, they fight using their womanhood and their sexuality more than in their first two sexfights combined. Lots of kissing, mostly pussy-to-pussy and clit-to-clit sexfighting. All TEN forced orgasms are the result of TRIB. You've never heard wet pussies grinding like this!

DAKOTA mounts RACHEL in the Rodeo Trib position and grinds down. "You're a little sex-slut! Ooooh! You're right on it, aren't you?" says RACHEL. "It's a fight, isn't it?" answers DAKOTA as she pinches RACHEL'S nipples.

DAKOTA presses the attack but eventually backs away. RACHEL looks down at DAKOTA'S pussy and says, "You're getting a little swollen there! I'd say that pussy is getting nice and swollen!" In response DAKOTA begins slapping her tits into RACHEL'S. "You think your tits are bigger and better?" says RACHEL. "Not bigger," answers DAKOTA, "but better!"

This video is a trib lovers delight! There is lots of deep kissing, too! These two women have now had 3 sexfights and each one is full of forced orgasms! They really know how to turn each other on!