I had no idea when I got out of bed the morning of this shoot that I was going to witness one of the hardest fought sexfights I'd ever seen. Neither AMBER nor RACHEL seemed to be that serious about competition in the past even though AMBER was undefeated at 2-0. RACHEL had never seemed too upset when she had lost nor too jubilant when she had won. I figured this would be another competitive, friendly, sexfight. I was wrong!

The sponsor, a lover of BIG breasts, requested that the sexfight begin with both women comparing their tits. This is where the problems began. The sponsor also wanted the winner of this sexfight to compete against DAKOTA and her BIG breasts. All three of these women possessed Double-DD breasts and I had seen DAKOTA and RACHEL sexfight twice. This would be the first time AMBER faced another woman with comparable assets.

AMBER announced to RACHEL that she had viewed both of RACHEL'S sexfight videos against DAKOTA, and that she was here to announce that SHE was going to be the "Titfight Queen" of the ChickFight website. Looking at RACHEL'S breasts she said, "Yours' are big, but not bigger than mine!" When she said that I looked at both women's breasts and I thought they were equal.

After a lengthy tit struggle where both women attacked by twisting, pinching and pulling nipples, mashing their breasts together and generally abusing each other's tits, AMBER threw RACHEL onto her back and mounted her in the Cowgirl Trib, or Rodeo Trib, position. "Don't forget, I'm going to get your pussy, too!" declared Amber. "That's right! That's why we're here!" answered Rachel.

RACHEL reverses the position and it is now AMBER who finds herself on her back looking up at her tormentor as RACHEL grinds away! "I'm gonna get you off! I'm gonna make you cum!" Amber says, "My pussy is going to make your pussy cum!" "Bring it on!" answers Rachel. The back and forth action consisted mostly of trib and at one point AMBER positioned her left leg on RACHEL'S chest and dug her knee into RACHEL'S right breast. AMBER is definitely one of the dirtiest sexfighters ever!

After an hour of back-and-forth pussy grinding, peppered with frequent breast attacks, the women are tied on the scoreboard yet determined not to give up until a winner is clear. Many hurtful things are said which only fuels their dislike for each other. AMBER tells RACHEL she is a "has been" and that she has "small little tits", which is obviously not true. I notice that RACHEL isn't laughing at AMBER'S comments. Two of my cameras have run out of tape and the battery lights are flashing RED on my other two cameras. More than 90 minutes has transpired and there were no signs that either woman was going to give up so I stopped them when they were changing positions and explained that I need to reload tape and change batteries. I suggested that they settle this sexfight using the double-dildo and both agreed. This battle lasted nearly 1 hour and 45 minutes but, finally, a winner emerged. The loser promptly shot "the finger" to the winner.

If there ever is a rematch between these two I can guarantee it won't be nice! These two don't like each other!