During the sponsor question and answer segment, recorded after cf#065 was over, VERONIKA and MISHELL mentioned that they thought it would be fun to compete sexually using toys. Toys meaning vibrators, dildos, etc. When the sponsor listened to the raw footage and heard their comments he decided to fulfill their wish and sponsor both women again in a "Toy Championship Sexfight." This video is the result. The format was three 20 minute rounds of sexual competition. The first competition had each woman inserting a vibrating bullet into her vagina. After insertion each woman handed her remote control over to her opponent. The remote control had vibration settings from 1 to 4 with 4 being the most intense vibrations. On my "GO" they powered each other up and began to scissor trib for 20 straight minutes with the woman forcing the most orgasms declared the winner.

"How bad do you want it?" asked VERONIKA, "Oooh, you're a grinder, aren't you?" The sound of wet pussies slapping together cut the air. "That's it, grind your pussy on me!" said MISHELL as she adjusted VERONIKA'S remote control, "There you go, FOUR bitch!" "You're already on FOUR!" answered VERONIKA as she continued to grind MISHELL. The woman who was forced to orgasm continued to grind the other woman until the last spasm subsided.

The second round of sexual competition gave each woman two sex toys, a "pocket rocket" and a vibrating dildo. On my "GO" they powered up both of their vibrators and then had 20 minutes to work on each other using both toys in any way they pleased. Like round 1, most forced orgasms determined the winner. "C'mon, cum for me! Shoot it all over my tits!" commanded VERONIKA.  "C'mon, slut, cum all over this toy, you know you want to!" answered MISHELL. Minutes later MISHELL was feeling the effects. VERONIKA started to talk. "Oh yeah, your ass is twitching! Squirt in my mouth, bitch!" she said.

The third and final round needed no batteries. There was only a 12-inch double-dildo. They each inserted an end and on my "GO" they began to thrust into each other. "Ram that cock into my pussy, bitch!" said VERONIKA. "I'll fuck you nice and deep!" answered MISHELL. "That's my cock I'm fucking you with!" said VERONIKA. "I'm fucking you with my cock!" replied MISHELL, "Do you like it deep?" This was fantastic as they fucked each other first in the scissor position and later butt-to-butt doggie style.

After 20 minutes neither woman had orgasmed. It then went into Sudden Death Overtime with the first woman to orgasm being the loser. In each of the three competitions the trash talking and name calling increased the closer to the 20 minute mark they got. You won't see two more red and swollen pussies anywhere like these!

MISHELL and VERONIKA had great fun and are anxious to compete with toys again. The video runs 70 minutes and a TOY CHAMPION has been added to my website. I have no idea if another sexfight like this one will be sponsored or not but JOSLYN has already issued a challenge to the INAUGURAL TOY CHAMPION in an effort to take her crown! Post your thoughts about the video and the possibility of more toy sexfights on the Forum.