Every now and then I am surprised. It doesn't happen very often. But when SABRINA and JOSLYN met I couldn't believe how quickly they wanted to get at each other. There was an instant chemistry and I was surprised! The sponsor wanted a mostly trib match and both women were anxious to begin. They decided to match pussies and clits and four out of the five forced orgasms are obtained that way. It was WONDERFUL!

"The sponsor wants to see which one of us is better at sexfighting." said JOSLYN, "I heard you lost to Rachel." "Barely." answered SABRINA. "I beat her, so..." continued JOSLYN. "You beat her? What was the score?" asked SABRINA. "It was 3-2." JOSLYN replied. "I may have lost but I made her cum FOUR times!" said SABRINA proudly.

I knew there was chemistry when they started kissing. I had seen JOSLYN exchange quick little kisses before but, with SABRINA, her kisses were much longer and much deeper. JOSLYN wasted little time getting SABRINA on her back, legs bent very near her ears, matching her clit against SABRINA'S. She began to punish SABRINA'S clit with her own. Both women were breathing heavily and their swollen clits were a perfect match in size and stiffness!

I became excited listening to their grunts and groans as each woman fought to hold in her orgasm. Their pussies moistened as each could feel the heat from the other. Finally, SABRINA exploded in a powerful orgasm. JOSLYN had used her clit to pound SABRINA'S clit into submission! The spasms continued as they began kissing again. Next the women turned to strumming each others' clit like a musician strums a banjo. They worked each other over non-stop, thumping clits with rapid moving fingers making them swell even bigger than before.

Again SABRINA could not withstand JOSLYN'S sexual attack. With her juices flowing she held out as long as she could until JOSLYN began spanking her pussy. The pain to her clit shot her over the edge and with a mighty groan she orgasmed for the second time. It was another powerful orgasm for SABRINA! I thought it was over. I couldn't have been more wrong! After jumping out to a 2-0 lead JOSLYN was not too worried when SABRINA began to grind her pussy-to-pussy. JOSLYN lay on her back while SABRINA, on her hands and knees, faced toward JOSLYN'S feet. She pressed her pussy down and into JOSLYN'S pussy in an inverted-reverse missionary position. Their clits aligned perfectly and SABRINA used her full weight to grind JOSLYN'S clit with her own. Soon JOSLYN was moaning and cursing as SABRINA really poured on the pressure. It was a powerful grind I hadn't seen since SASHA was sexfighting. JOSLYN couldn't withstand the force of SABRINA'S attack and her orgasm was long and intense!

JOSLYN was shaken by the intensity of her orgasm but she quickly recovered. She was still ahead by a score of 2-1. She again bent SABRINA'S legs back and proceeded to squat over her rival's inviting pussy for more clitfighting, the technique that had successfully won her her first point at the beginning of their sexfight! "I like the way our clits match up." said JOSLYN. SABRINA gripped JOSLYN'S ass and thigh and pulled JOSLYN closer and tighter. "I like that you're pulling me into you!" continued JOSLYN. "Let's see if I can make you cum from underneath" answered SABRINA. JOSLYN laughed to herself at SABRINA'S comment, but she wouldn't be laughing for long as SABRINA rotated her hips as JOSLYN began to grind. She swirled her pussylips and clit around JOSLYN'S clit and defeated JOSLYN at her own game. Grunting and swearing JOSLYN mashed her clit into SABRINA'S as a powerful orgasm shook her to her core! The woman who was down by 2 points had just evened up the score!

This sexfight was settled in the scissor trib position as both women used their womanhood to grind out the winning orgasm pussy-to-pussy and clit-to-clit. By the end both women were cursing, name calling, grunting and grinding into each other with all their strength. This is a thrilling sexfight and quite possibly the best sexfight of 2007. I know I will never forget it and I am anxious for these two women to rematch. This is a must see!