This sexfight was made possible through the generosity of a sponsor who wanted to see AMBER tested sexually by our most veteran sexfighter, JOSLYN! We all owe this sponsor our gratitude because this turned out to be a wonderful sexfight. However, the title, "FRUSTRATIONS", was chosen because BOTH women wound up frustrated but for different reasons! Still, it is entertaining to watch the cocky newcomer, AMBER, in action!

"C'mon, give me your best!" challenged AMBER. This is how the sexfight started and JOSLYN never backed down! "Spread your legs, Bitch!" ordered JOSLYN as she started the clitfight she's made so famous!

As JOSLYN mashed her clit against AMBER'S clit and started to grind I heard both pussies moisten. "You're such a whore!" said AMBER, "Yeah, a pussy whore!" JOSLYN began to grind clits a little faster and said simply, "I am!"

"It's nice to meet somebody I have something in common with!" answered AMBER referring to her "pussy whore" comment to JOSLYN. Both women matched pussies and clits and neither backed down!

They deep-fingered each other to make each other wet. Both women worked her rival's clit to try and force the winning orgasm. Juicy sounds can be heard throughout this video along with plenty of trash talking. I am a big fan of deep-fingering and I love nothing more than watching fingers disappear in-between swollen pussylips.

JOSLYN asked, "Do you like to get your clit fucked?" "Yeah, I like having a dirty little whore on top of me!" answered AMBER. I will say this for AMBER, she has a trash-talking attitude, a sexy body and she knows how to escape probing fingers. Her defensive skills are better than her offensive ones. This is a good showing by both women and a lesson in sexfight control. JOSLYN remains my yardstick for testing a woman's ability to force orgasms!