VERONIKA finally gets her shot at the CHICKFIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP as she challenges undefeated and reigning Sexfight Champion MISHELL to a sixty minute sexfight! VERONIKA understands that MISHELL is unbeaten but she is "DETERMINED" that her beauty and sexuality will be enough to vault her to the CHAMPIONSHIP!

The sponsor for this match-up requested that the women warm each other up by showing off their lap dancing skills. First MISHELL gives VERONIKA a sexy lap dance. She struts and poses and rubs up against her young adversary in an attempt to get VERONIKA'S juices flowing. Then it is VERONIKA'S turn to lap dance for the Champion and she uses her sexuality and girlish good looks to tease and turn on the woman she is about to engage in sexual combat. Her body is curvier than the Champion's and she shows it well and often!

Into the Studio they go where they take turns undressing each other. dresses, panties and high heels come off before they enter the arena where only one of them will exit as the Champion. MISHELL is the more confident woman but her eagerness to feel up VERONIKA betrays her willpower to hold back against the beautiful blonde. Kissing, caressing and fondling both women are nervous but excited by each other.

Pussies are already moist as they begin their sexual competition. VERONIKA loves to Rodeo Trib and Clitfight so she engages the Champion pussy-to-pussy. MISHELL is only too happy to lock pussylips and clits with the beautiful young blonde. MISHELL can't keep her hands off of VERONIKA'S natural C-cup breasts!

VERONIKA tries another tactic when she deep-fingers MISHELL. She has never seen any of MISHELL'S sexfights on video so she doesn't realize that she is playing into the Champion's strength!

MISHELL smiles when she feels VERONIKA'S probing fingers enter her wet pussyhole. She attacks VERONIKA'S pussyhole with her own fingers and begins to teach the younger woman how to sexfight dirty and deep! This video is hard fought as VERONIKA is determined not to be beaten by MISHELL. There is a lot of wrestling in this sexfight as each time MISHELL gets close to forcing an orgasm from her younger opponent VERONIKA squirms away and escapes. MISHELL is forced again and again to corner VERONIKA and resume her deep-fingering. This video is 70 minutes of hard-fought sexfighting. Great sexfighting and a real Sensual Struggle!