I had not heard from ZAINA in several months. I had contacted her through the onemodelplace website about competing in an erotic competition. I figured she wasn't interested at all. But, to my surprise, she contacted me and wanted to know more about erotic competition. She wasn't ready to challenge the Champion or anyone of Mishell's caliber but she was interested in learning to sexfight. I talked it over with her sponsor and we both agreed that ROXY would be an excellent teacher and competitor for ZAINA'S very first encounter!

I'll have to admit that what ZAINA lacked in sexfight experience she made up for in the trash talk department. "Are you ready to embarrass yourself?" she asked ROXY. "Let's see what you have because I really want to know!" answered ROXY. "You'll see and you'll really feel stupid when you're done!" was ZAINA'S response. The women looked each other up and down sizing each other up before the fight began.

ZAINA removed ROXY'S bra and said, "Not too much competition. Mine are REAL!" referring to ROXY'S breasts. ZAINA has a beautiful body with large natural breasts and an ample bottom. Her legs are long and strong. She has a beautiful smile and, as I looked at her, I couldn't believe she was about to lock-up with ROXY. ROXY responded to ZAINA'S back-handed comment, "We'll see how REAL your pussy can take it!"

I have to say that ZAINA had little idea what she was in for as she had never been in a real sexfight before. ROXY took control almost from the beginning and taught the beautiful young newcomer all the various trib positions. ZAINA was a little like a deer in the headlights at times as ROXY used her large clit against ZAINA'S smaller clit. Time and time again ROXY, the veteran sexfighter, punished ZAINA'S pussy and clit!

To her credit ZAINA never backed down from ROXY'S onslaught! She fought back pussy-to-pussy as hard as she could and tried her best to match clits and pussylips with the more experienced fighter. ZAINA even challenged ROXY to a woman-to-woman double-dildo competition! I'll have to admit that the sight of white and black pussylips gripping the double-dildo and forcing it deeper into each other really made my heart pound!

I am very anxious to see how ZAINA grows as a sexfighter as she learns more technique. ROXY really gave the newcomer a lesson in trib and ZAINA said she thoroughly enjoyed it and wants to compete more in the future!