This is a sexfight for all lovers of trash-talking! It is not a video for those with "virgin ears." It is rough, raw and loud! There is almost constant name-calling as these two models don't like each other much. They have competed in the past and each wanted to prove to the other that she was the superior woman sexually, as well as verbally. This is hard-fought sexfighting!

This video begins in the Make-up Room as each woman looks the other up and down, comparing herself to her rival. Its a very small Make-up Room and the tight quarters help to heat things up before their contest. Starting out in garterbelts, heels and hose they don't stay on long as each woman strips the stockings from the other. Fabric is stretched and torn. Eventually both women end up nude and exposed.

The pace is sometimes frantic as each woman fights to push her opponent over the edge. Hair is pulled and threats are issued as the women challenge each other to a sexual duel. Both girls are in great shape and there is no shortage of energy as each woman attempts to out-grind the other crotch-to-crotch and clit-to-clit! There is plenty of trib in this sexfight!

In their first sexfight, CF#035, Veronika defeated Alissa 5-3. Alissa was not going to let it happen again! These two love to punish each other sexually and there are many painful moments as they attempt to force orgasms from each other. They bang their pelvises together hard as their juices mix together! Neither woman backs off or gives an inch. Pussies are spanked and nipples pinched. They even trade deep, sensual kisses!

This might be the hardest fought sexfight to date and both women give it their all! Beautiful, young, athletic feminine bodies locked in a sexual contest where each woman holds her orgasm as long as she can. You will not be disappointed with this video. It has it ALL!