Their first sexfight (CF#054) is one of my all-time best sellers and is one of the most competitive matches in my entire catalogue. It is also THE VIDEO I recommend when a customer asks for titfighting. This, the second meeting between RACHEL and DAKOTA, picks up exactly where the first left off. Both women punish each others' nipples and breasts and enjoy it!

DAKOTA pulls on RACHEL'S nipples and says, "Look how far they stretch!" These two women are now veteran sexfighters and they both know how to force orgasms from the other. Back and forth they trade pain and pleasure with the first orgasm forced about eleven minutes into their sexual contest. From that point on there is another orgasm forced almost every three-to-five minutes!

After forcing yet another orgasm from her rival DAKOTA pulls and pinches RACHEL'S nipples hard. "Oh! STOP!!" squeals RACHEL. "What are you going to do?" asks DAKOTA. "Bitch! I'm going to fuck you, that's what I'm going to do!" answers RACHEL as DAKOTA mounts her. "You're going to fuck me from the bottom?" DAKOTA asks. "Yes, I am!" states RACHEL with confidence, and the wet sounds of pussy-to-pussy fighting begins.

You see, after RACHEL defeated DAKOTA 5-4 in their first sexfight RACHEL posted on my Message Board Forum that she was ready for another challenger that she "could humble." DAKOTA didn't think that losing by just one point was a "humbling" experience so she took offense to RACHEL'S remarks and it motivated her to ask for this rematch.

These two veteran sexfighters trade orgasms back-and-forth and there are seventeen forced orgasms total! After almost every forced orgasm there is breast and nipple punishment and you can tell how much it hurts by the scowls on their faces. One woman deals with the pain better than the other.

If you loved the first sexfight/titfight between these two you'll love this fight even more. This video is over sixty-seven minutes of hard-fought sexfighting, tit and nipple torture, sixty-nine and fingering. As popular as their first sexfight was I know this fight will become even more so. Fans of large breasted women who love to trade pain will want to add this to their collection. RACHEL and DAKOTA are two beautiful, sexy and mature women who love the competition of sexfighting. I give this video my highest recommendation.