JOSLYN thought a lot about her loss to VERONIKA in CF#044 during her 12 month lay-off. Another sexfight with the beautiful blonde would even the score. VERONIKA faced JOSLYN on the mattress prepared to match her, pussies and clits. She asked JOSLYN if she was after revenge.

"Revenge?" replied JOSLYN, "Yeah, I'm gonna get revenge! So, let's see who is the better woman!" JOSLYN and VERONIKA reach for each other's pussy. As VERONIKA feels for JOSLYN'S clit she says, "It's been awhile but I remember where it is!" Referring to her victory over JOSLYN in their first sexfight over a year ago (CF#044).

Like in their last fight VERONIKA is crafty and is the first to touch pussy beating JOSLYN every time. "You are a sneaky little bitch, aren't you?" says JOSLYN as she sticks her finger deep into VERONIKA'S pussy making her squirm. "Oh, did I find your little spot?" asks JOSLYN feigning innocence. VERONIKA tries to get away but JOSLYN is sitting on her leg. "No, you're not gonna get away this time, I got you!" JOSLYN says. VERONIKA is trapped and her only hope of escape is to out-finger JOSLYN. Not an easy task!

The two sexfighters battle pussy-to-pussy every chance they get and their wet sounds can be heard clearly throughout. VERONIKA has her hands full with the crafty veteran sexfighter JOSLYN. There is constant chatter between the two adversaries especially from VERONIKA who loves to trash-talk. JOSLYN is no slouch and joins VERONIKA in a trash-talking verbal battle.

There is a good deal of clitfighting, scissor trib and rodeo trib as the women take turns scraping their clits together. If you look closely you can see their clits swell from the constant grinding. At times JOSLYN has the larger clit and at other times it is VERONIKA whose clit looks superior.

This is one of the most competitive sexfights I've ever released and it features two of the most beautiful and sexual fighters in the world. These two complement each other perfectly and I hope they sexfight a dozen more times in the future. Each woman continues to improve her skills and techniques and you will see some moves in this video that illustrate how much they've both learned.  I give this my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION. You won't be disappointed.