If you are a TRUE FAN of erotic competition you will find this video as fascinating as I do because this REMATCH between two sexual rivals is much different than their first sexual duel where they traded orgasms back and forth. This time the women concentrated on defense and positioning.

MISHELL is my Champion and she remains Champion for a reason. She knows what turns another woman on and she's smart enough to position herself so that she can do maximum damage yet protect herself and frustrate her rival at the same time. She's a textbook of sexfighting technique.  ROXY tries her best to take up where they left off, trading orgasms through vicious clit manipulation, but MISHELL would not allow her. MISHELL has tremendous willpower and you can see her concentration. In their first sexual contest both women were left swollen and sore. MISHELL said she couldn't touch herself for TWO DAYS after her sexfight with ROXY. I'm sure she hasn't touched herself YET because ROXY really gave my Champion a clit pummeling. When you see how red and swollen MISHELL gets you will wonder how she even walked to her car! ROXY really punished her!

"You can't tell me this doesn't feel good!" said Mishell. "Oh, my gosh!" exclaimed Roxy. After MISHELL forced her challenger to orgasm against her will using her considerable clit-sucking skills the women moved into the Straddle Trib position and began slapping their wet pussies together.  "Your hot pussy grinding against mine," exclaimed Mishell, "Maybe that will get you to cum again!"

"Do you like that?" asked Roxy. Mishell answered, "I just like fingering your pussy!" MISHELL really frustrated ROXY by positioning herself behind her rival. She reached around to manipulate ROXY'S clit. Both women worked each other over to the point where it became painful. "You're gonna' make it sore!" complained Roxy. "Aww, poor thing," answered Mishell, "Then just let it cum and it will stop! C'mon, sweet thing, go ahead and cry out! MMMmmmm... You're getting juicy again!"

MISHELL has magic fingers and I defy any woman to outfinger her. Taylor, where are you? MISHELL learned a lot about ROXY'S massive clit in their first meeting and she had ROXY squirming to the point where ROXY kept falling off the mattress. MISHELL is rough with ROXY'S clit and you can read the occasional wave of pain on ROXY'S beautiful face.

This video showcases two women who possess tremendous willpower, a very high pain tolerance and a fearless desire to inflict pain on her opponent! By the end of the hour both women are swollen beyond belief and their clits are ruby red in color. The winner is elated and the loser disappointed. There is a short question and answer after the sexfight has ended. This is a video for true fans of female erotic competition and students of sexfighting techniques.