Roxy has a scheduled rematch with Mishell for the ChickFight Sexfight Championship. Last year Roxy lost to Mishell by the slimmest of margins. Roxy has been talking about another shot at the Championship for a long time. Mishell graciously said, "Anytime you want!" Roxy wants a "tune-up" match before her big day with Mishell, so she calls on veteran sexfight trainer Joslyn to give her a good workout. Joslyn has trained most of our sexfighters and she is only too happy to match pussies and clits with little firecracker Roxy.

After the crafty veteran gains the first point and forces Roxy to orgasm against her will she changes techniques and turns her attention to deep-fingering the blonde. Joslyn also tried to get into Roxy's head. She starts the dirty talk as Roxy concentrates. "This is what Mishell is going to give you. She's going to finger your pussy so deep! She's going to make you cum so good! You like that finger in your pussy? You're a nasty little bitch and you want to cum, don't you?"

Roxy has a superlative fingering technique and she quickly has Joslyn wet and squirming. Joslyn gives Roxy's clit a good fingering then switches tactics and bends Roxy's legs back for some Rodeo Trib. Slurping lips suck at each other as their clits dance across each other. Next Joslyn bends Roxy's legs back over her head in order to give her a lesson in clitfighting. Plenty of close-ups.

Roxy matches Joslyn clit to clit and they grind together for many minutes until Joslyn can no longer hold her position. The women move into Scissor Trib and spread their thighs wide so their pussies can melt together. Both women look at each other eye-to-eye and Joslyn says, "C'mon, fight that pussy!"

Roxy lengthens her stroke driving her pelvis forward. She forces her clit deeper into Joslyn's pussy. Not to be outdone Joslyn slaps her pussy harder into Roxy's. The women pound their clits together until Joslyn can hold on no longer! She fights her orgasm as hard as ever but its only a matter of time and Roxy knows it. She ties the score at 1 as she pours on the clit grinding. Spent from her forced orgasm Joslyn calls a "Time Out". The new lighting configuration is much warmer than the old system and Joslyn is recovering from the flu. Joslyn would never make an excuse for herself but I can tell you she wasn't at 100%. Joslyn never disappoints her fans and holds her own through sheer willpower. In contrast, Roxy is a bundle of energy and never seems to slow down.

"It's your turn to cum now!" says Joslyn. "Well, we'll see if you can make that happen." answers Roxy. Joslyn positions Roxy for Rodeo Trib and presses her swollen pussy into Roxy's wet lips. Clit finds clit as both women begin their grind. Joslyn says, "You take what you can get or take it from her! Feel our pussies grinding together?" When Roxy mounts Joslyn Rodeo Trib style you can hear their wet and swollen pussies slap together. Roxy has a powerful pelvic thrust and she batters poor Joslyn relentlessly.

"Oh, you little fuckin' whore!" Says Joslyn as the sound of wet meat slapping wet meat fills the room. The women begin a fingering duel. Each woman strums the other's swollen clit. Joslyn wins the fingering contest and Roxy's forced orgasm is strong and vocal. "Fuckin' Bitch!" she exclaims.  Roxy, out for revenge, mounts Joslyn Rodeo trib style and begins to pound Joslyn's pussy with her own. Again, the sound of puss slapping puss fills the room. "You little fuck-whore!" Joslyn cries, "Pound those pussies together!" Joslyn flips Roxy onto her back and mounts her. She lowers her pelvis onto Roxy's and aligns herself clit to clit. "Fuckin' clit-wrestle my fuckin' clit!" challenges Roxy. "Fuckin' bitch, I'll clitfight you!" Joslyn answers back. This is an extremely competitive sexfight and you'll love watching both women demonstrate their technique. This tune-up sexfight proves that both Joslyn and Roxy deserve a shot at Mishell's ChickFight Sexfight Championship Crown!!