I was excited to produce this video because both women were veteran sexfighters and both women own large breasts! LOL! Big boobs aside, I knew this would be a war because both Dakota and Rachel are extremely competitive women. They didn't disappoint me as right off the bat they mashed their breasts together in a test of strength. After several minutes of spirited boob-bashing the women finally got down to the purpose of their meeting... to test their sex against each other!

Rachel is a student of technique and tries anything she can to gain an advantage over her rival. Rachel finds a weakness when she sucks on Dakota's toes and observes the instant effect. Dakota moans and almost swoons each time Rachel attacks in this way. Both women pull hair as a means to force her opponent into position. Twelve minutes into the contest Rachel fingers the first orgasm out of her veteran adversary and before Dakota can recover from the powerful orgasm she grabs her by her hair forcing Dakota to worship her more than ample breasts! Less than two minutes later Dakota attacks and fingers Rachel back. She evens up the score at 1-1.

Both women try to excite the other by sucking each other's toes before moving on to some competitive Rodeo Trib. This sexfight features some very passionate kissing by both women!  With the score tied at 2-2 the women align themselves in the Scissor Trib position. They grind their wet pussies together trying to force another orgasm from the other. "Fuck me, bitch!" says Rachel.  Dakota responds quickly by mounting Rachel, Rodeo style, and grinds powerfully into the redhead. Rachel gives as good as she takes and forces Dakota backwards puss-to-puss until she regains the Scissor Trib alignment. Now, on equal ground again, both women grind and slap their pussies against each other. They trade moans and squeals, some from pleasure and some from pain.

The women separate and use their toes on each other's clit. Rachel reaches down and grabs Dakota's foot and brings it up to her nose. "I smell pussy all over your toes!" she tells Dakota.  Spent from her third forced orgasm Dakota lays back as Rachel licks her feet. Not wanting to fall under Rachel's spell Dakota attacks the depth of Rachel's pussy as she plunges her finger deep. Rachel continues to lick Dakota's toes and even spreads her legs open wider inviting Dakota to finger her pussy even deeper! Dripping with sweat Rachel mounts Dakota for some more Rodeo Trib. She tries her best to force another orgasm from Dakota but, as hard as she tries, she can't get it done.

Rachel breaks away and crawls toward the opposite end of the mattress but Dakota follows and grabs Rachel by the hair. Dakota positions herself behind Rachel and attacks her pussy with her fingers, still holding Rachel in place by her hair. In response, Rachel reaches behind her back and counterattacks Dakota's pussy with her fingers. Both women reposition on their hands and knees. Facing opposite directions they begin to deep-finger each other. The looks on Rachel's face betrayed just how deep Dakota was impaling her. Side by side they fought on fingering each other's swollen sex! Almost forty-five minutes into the sexfight the women share a rare Mutual Orgasm from the Rodeo Trib position and no points are awarded. The direction now changes as veteran catfighter, Dakota, becomes frustrated at being just one point behind and begins pulling Rachel's hair and pinching her nipples. The women trade pain and you can read how much in their faces and hear it through their groans. When they let go Rachel grabs her chest and cradles her nipples.  "Did it hurt?" asks Dakota. "No, I liked it!" Rachel answers sarcastically.

Rachel now presses her pussy deeply into Dakota's. Dakota grabs and pinches both nipples and Rachel winces in pain. She endures the discomfort as best she can and fully mounts Dakota to try and grind her into sexual submission! But Dakota increases her pinch with a pull and Rachel is pulled off and forced to lose her dominate position. She falls to her side and starts pinching and pulling Dakota's nipples in retaliation. Both women wince from the mutual pain. Dakota rolls on top of Rachel and begins to pound pubic mounds. "Fucker!" yells Rachel. "That's the whole point," answers Dakota, "FUCK HER!" This video has lots of breast fighting in it and fans should beg for a rematch. It showcases the determination, willpower and pain tolerance by two beautiful and competitive sexfighters.