I'm calling this sexfight "BUXOM BATTLE" because it features two of the largest breasted women I've ever worked with. SAVANNAH and RACHEL both have big heavy breasts and they are not afraid to squeeze them, bang them together or suck on them. Fans of pendulous boobs will enjoy this sexfight. The girls start out in pullover tops and blue jeans. They begin with a little breast-to-breast contact but quickly move to the mattress where they grind denim covered pussies and suck each others' toes.

Their denim jeans don't stay on for long and soon both women are grinding into each other through their panties. RACHEL is a trash talker and tries to get into SAVANNAH'S head early. "Are you going to cum for me?" asks RACHEL. "Not before you do." answers SAVANNAH. "Think so, Bitch?" adds RACHEL. "I know so. I can take it longer than you!" says SAVANNAH confidently.

Before long their panties are gone and the sexfight quickly escalates. They use their fingers on each other and suck each others' toes and nipples. Again, RACHEL threatens SAVANNAH. "I'm going to make you cum! You're going to come out of here dripping all over the place!" "You will, too! You're already hot and sweaty!" responds SAVANNAH. Pussy-to-pussy they slam together.  "You're a rough bitch!" exclaims RACHEL. SAVANNAH answers, "I like it rough!"

Several times throughout this sexfight you will be treated to the sounds of wet, naked pussies slapping together in some pretty rough trib. When they grow tired of slamming their crotches together they position themselves side-by-side and engage in plenty of mutual fingering. "Kiss me!" demands RACHEL. "You want to kiss the bitch that's going to make you cum?" asks SAVANNAH.

After the first orgasm is forced RACHEL challenges SAVANNAH to a sixty-nine contest. "You think you're better at this?" asks SAVANNAH. RACHEL makes a bold statement, "Nobody escapes my tongue! You're all wet!" "Yours is too!" replies SAVANNAH. "Are you getting tired?" asks RACHEL. "I can last as long as you can" boasts SAVANNAH. "Really?" doubts RACHEL. By now both women have forced an orgasm from the other and when RACHEL begins to finger SAVANNAH'S clit it is obvious that SAVANNAH is still sensitive. They attack and counterattack with their fingers and both women squirm. There is straddle trib, rodeo trib and scissor trib throughout.

When SAVANNAH mounts RACHEL for some rodeo trib she slaps pussies like she's been doing it all her life. Watching her hips buck into RACHEL'S and listening to the loud, wet slapping sounds, you will marvel at the power these two women possess. "You fucker!" shouts RACHEL. These are full bodied women who have fought before but never with their sex until now.