This video marks a watershed moment for It is the Inaugural Championship Sexfight and, quite possibly, the hardest fought sexfight encounter ever! These are bold claims and I wouldn't make them unless I honestly felt they were true. MISHELL was undefeated at 4-0 entering this classic contest having defeated Jessie 10-5, Dakota 3-1, veteran sexfighter Joslyn 2-1, and Rachel 4-3. ROXY was also undefeated at 2-0 having defeated Veronika 2-1, and Aiva 8-6. Both women were visibly nervous beforehand and during the rules discussion it was decided that deep-fingering would not be used as ROXY had no sexfight experience in this technique. MISHELL agreed not to deep-finger ROXY, which was a very classy concession on her part.

The women stood ready for battle as I introduced them on camera. ROXY looked at MISHELL and said, "I hope you're ready for a challenge." "Are you ready to cum a lot?" answered MISHELL.  "Let's do it!" said ROXY.

The women took to the mattress and from the start ROXY brought out her primary weapon, her tough clit, grinding MISHELL'S clit from above. Both women proceeded to grind into each other, their pussylips sticking and clinging to each other. As their juices began to flow ROXY grew frustrated. She dismounts MISHELL and both women reposition themselves next to each other as they reached for each others' pussy. As fingertips manipulated clits their hips jerked and gyrated, betraying their growing excitement. ROXY breaks free first as MISHELL was really getting to her. Again, ROXY mounts MISHELL and grinds her clit-to-clit.

Once again, ROXY fails to bring MISHELL to orgasm pussy-to-pussy. They reposition again, side-by-side this time, and probe each other with their fingers, searching within the delicate folds, locating their vulnerable clits. After MISHELL forces the first orgasm of the match from ROXY she mounts her opponent and begins to assert her own pussy with her clit-to-clit technique. "Oh yeah, beat that clit!" ROXY exclaims. Put on your headphones and enjoy the delicious sounds of their juicy pussies slapping against each other. MISHELL moves to the sixty-nine position and licks ROXY'S clit and pussylips. ROXY spreads MISHELL'S pussylips apart and attacks MISHELL'S clit with her fingers.

When MISHELL ties the score at 2-2 ROXY tries her scissor trib technique on her adversary.  "Slap that pussy!" says MISHELL. ROXY pulled ahead in the score 3-2 and MISHELL answers by mounting ROXY and slamming her clit-to-clit. Both women breathe heavily as their swollen clits connect and do battle again. ROXY exclaims, "Yeah! Pound that pussy! Rub that fucking clit!"

MISHELL tries every trick she can think of to gain an advantage, she sucks on ROXY'S nipples, her earlobe, her neck and shoulder. ROXY works on MISHELL'S clit like a jackhammer on a rivet. MISHELL responds to ROXY'S intrusion, her hips jerk and convulse at ROXY'S touch. "Oh yeah, I want to hear you moan, that swollen clit's just screaming for more!" ROXY yelled. MISHELL responded, "Yours is swollen, too!" This is a classic match between two warriors. It was non-stop hard-fought sexfighting right up to the time my cameras ran out of videotape. At the end of sixty-two minutes only one of them remained undefeated. It will be hard to tell who was the winner because both women were swollen and sore. A call to each woman the day after confirmed just how sore they were, but each woman wanted another chance to compete with the other and the rematch is already in discussion.