This video was originally supposed to feature ROXY and another sexfighter. On the day of the scheduled shoot the other woman never showed, or even called. I asked ROXY if she knew of another woman who would sexfight with her. ROXY suggested her gym workout partner, AIVA.  AIVA is a husky-voiced young woman who is in great shape. She had heard of sexfighting through ROXY but she had never tried it before. AIVA is what I would call a "smart-ass" and she has a mouth for trash talking. AIVA thought sexfighting was a joke, that is, until ROXY showed her otherwise.

The women agree to rub a "sexual enhancement cream" on their clits before they begin. It feels warm and gets ROXY in the mood to grind with her "fit club buddy." The sponsor requested that this match be a "clitfight" and that the women battle clit-to-clit as much as possible. The girls take their turns on top as they start their clitfight. ROXY is a natural competitor and she takes great care to make sure her clit touches AIVA'S. Check out the photos on this page. You'll notice ROXY uses her fingers to pull her pussy open so her clit protrudes like a hood ornament. She scrapes and grinds it across AIVA'S clit again and again.

AIVA learns quickly and the women trade orgasms back and forth. They use their clits like weapons as they spear each other pussy-to-pussy. This video is an ALL TRIB sexfight and no fingers are used. Wet, sticky and swollen clits mash together as each woman forces her opponent to orgasm!  Besides Scissor Trib there is Rodeo Trib, Cowgirl Trib and a couple of positions I'd never seen before. This is a non-stop sexfight with very few pauses.

AIVA uses her trash talking skills to get into ROXY'S head. She tries to distract ROXY who is doing everything she can NOT to think about an orgasm. But AIVA is relentless in her trash talk and ROXY tells her to "Shut the F... Up!" AIVA's strategy works, however, and ROXY is forced to orgasm again and again. The women switch positions and soon both women are stabbing each other with their swollen clits! When ROXY climbs on top AIVA says, "It's a clitfight! Get your clit over here!"

The expressions on the face of each woman tells just how intense their orgasms were. Each competitor uses her clit to bend and slap the clit of her opponent. When one woman orgasms her hot juices bathe the pussy of her tormentor. Many hours in the gym by both of these women have paid off and it showcases the strong pelvic thrusts of both women. To watch them grind crotch against crotch is a joy to see!

Of all of the women I've watched sexfight over the years these two are in the best shape. The final score was close but there was a winner. I think whoever faces either woman next is going to have a real fight between her legs! This is sixty minutes of grinding, trash-talking, athletic sexual competition. AIVA vs ROXY is the first ALL-CLITFIGHT video in my collection. If you like it let me know and I'll schedule more clitfights in the future.