It was to be ROXY'S first sexfight and she was understandably nervous. On the phone last January ROXY told me she had seen my website and thought sexfighting looked like fun. Now, eight months later, she's acting like she's not sure what's going to happen next. VERONIKA is as smart as she is beautiful and she sees right through ROXY'S "innocence" act. She begins to evaluate this athletic "newbie" pussy-to-pussy. At first, ROXY won't remove her panties. She tells VERONIKA, "You have nice boobs!" and laughs her nervous laugh. They admire each other's body. VERONIKA says, "So you've never done a sexfight before?" ROXY answers, "NO!"

VERONIKA asks, "Are you ready to fuck and fight?" ROXY nearly gasps, she waves her arms around searching for a response as VERONIKA steps closer and guides her to the bed. VERONIKA is much more experienced as a sexfighter and she teaches ROXY how to rub clit-to-clit. It doesn't take long for ROXY to decide that sexfighting is much more fun without her panties. After VERONIKA removes ROXY'S panties ROXY returns the favor. Soon both women are totally naked. The "classroom" instruction begins again and VERONIKA leads ROXY through several trib positions. ROXY is an eager student and thoroughly enjoys VERONIKA'S teaching style.

VERONIKA demonstrates the Cowgirl or Rodeo Trib position. ROXY asks to try it from the dominate position and VERONIKA is only too happy to switch. ROXY moves on top as VERONIKA guides her into just the right position so that their clits can grind. VERONIKA tells ROXY, "It's clitfighting and they're fighting each other, so you're trying to make me submit and cum to you. That's your objective." After ten minutes of naked trib VERONIKA asks, "Do you want to put your panties back on?" ROXY answers quickly, "NO! I'm having too much fun!"

"Let's see if you can fuck me!" states VERONIKA. They move into the Scissors Trib position and soon we can hear the unmistakable sounds of two very wet pussies sucking and slurping together.  "Hear how wet our pussies are?" asks VERONIKA, "You like that sound, don't you?" This is a fun sexfight. This is the perfect video to show your wife or girlfriend. ROXY is new to this. Brand new.  VERONIKA makes it a fun experience.

The girls playfully jabber throughout the first twenty minutes or so (as only women can do) of this erotic competition. But it eventually grows more serious as ROXY finally begins to feel comfortable.  VERONIKA explains that the object is to control the other woman using your pussy. ROXY increases the pressure with VERONIKA clit-to-clit and says, "I just took control of you!" "Really?" replies VERONIKA, complaining about being on the bottom. ROXY says, "You know you like it! Shut up! Why don't you enjoy it, too?" "I do!" says VERONIKA, "But I have this fight in me too... so I can't! I'll fuck you back!"

ROXY is a natural sexfighter. She is a "hardbody" and she works out at the gym often. She is also a kickboxer and her training has given her a determined, forceful pelvic grind, even from the submissive position underneath. She has a true competitive spirit and will only get better with each match. I can't wait to watch ROXY trib again. "Lookout Mishell!" "Lookout Alexis!" "Lookout Joslyn! Here cums ROXY!"