The sponsors of this match wanted to find out whether YOUTH could triumph over EXPERIENCE.  VERONIKA at 23 years of age and RACHEL at 43 were chosen because they were similar in size.  After they looked (and felt) each other over they began by tasting each other's lipstick. The women explored each other with their fingers and quickly learned how wet each could make the other. They started slowly, probing and stroking, getting acquainted before they began their sexual challenge. I had seen both women compete up close and I knew the woman with the stronger sex would win. The keys would be technique and sexual stamina. VERONIKA had the stamina but RACHEL'S technique had been improving steadily.

It didn't take long for VERONIKA and RACHEL to lock up pussy-to-pussy in a scissor trib. Within minutes VERONIKA forced the first orgasm from her older competitor. "That was just one," said RACHEL, "It's going to be a long afternoon." "Maybe for you cumming!" replied VERONIKA.  RACHEL conceded the first orgasm but vowed she would triumph in the end. She kissed and licked VERONIKA'S pussy as she planned her next move.

RACHEL locked up with VERONIKA in another scissor trib but couldn't force the younger woman over the edge. She changed tactics and began fingering VERONIKA. VERONIKA joined in and began to work on RACHEL. "Here we go, baby!" said Rachel. "C'mon, spill those juices into my hand!" "Ah, Fuck!" exclaimed VERONIKA. "Yeah!" said RACHEL, "MMMmmm, give me that wet cum!" "Open those legs! Give it to me!" RACHEL worked on VERONIKA'S pussy trying to even the score.

VERONIKA fingered back with all her might. RACHEL moved VERONIKA into another scissor trib. "Feel how wet that shit is?" asked VERONIKA, "Give me that fuckin' cum, bitch!" "That feel good?" said VERONIKA, "Huh? My pussy against your fuckin' wet-ass pussy?" "You little bitch!" RACHEL replied, "I've had it with you! Now some serious fuckin's gonna happen!" The unmistakable sound of two very wet pussies grinding and slurping together filled the room! RACHEL evened the score at 1-1 and then began to try and pull ahead by using her fingers.

The women tried various positions and techniques on each other; fingering, deep-fingering, rodeo trib, even ass-to-ass trib and fingering. "Spread your legs!" said VERONIKA. "You first!" RACHEL shot back. "Hear how wet our pussies are?" asked VERONIKA. "Our clits are rubbin'! Oh Fuck! CUM on me!" said RACHEL. "Fuckin' cum on ME!" VERONIKA replied.

VERONIKA spotted an opening and positioned herself over RACHEL. "You left it wide open for me!" exclaimed VERONIKA. "Bring it on!" RACHEL answered back. As the clitfight began VERONIKA said, "C'mon, squirt all over my fuckin' pussy!" Who wins? Who loses? Does experience prevail over youth or does youth outlast experience? This competition is hard-fought and all over the bed. Neither woman wanted to lose. Because of this WE are the winners!