After a three year absence GINA has returned for her first NUDE sexfight. Her opponent, Rachel, was chosen because both women are about the same in age and experience. Their meeting proved to be full of fireworks as Gina took up where she left off - Hard spanks! The women pulled hair and boobs, then kissed deep passionate kisses. I was worried about Rachel getting hurt because I'd seen Gina sexfight Faye and Joslyn years ago. In those four sexfights Gina concentrated on hurting her opponents as much as possible and here she was trying to hurt Rachel in the same fashion.

It didn't take long for the two women to strip down and meet pussy-to-pussy. Their pussies collided and their clits stiffened. This was turning out to be very athletic as Gina slammed her pussy into Rachel's. But Rachel wouldn't back down and she gave Gina as good as she got. Once they finished their pussyfight they locked into a deep kiss. There is more kissing in this video than any other video in my collection.

After the kissing ended the hair pulling began again. Rachel wrestled with Gina until both women had had enough. They removed their panties and began to deep-finger each other. Both women probed and poked bringing wetness and a stiff clit to attention. Gina cursed Rachel and probed her deeply, all the while spanking Rachel's butt to a reddish glow. Rachel, to her credit, wasn't fazed and probed Gina even deeper.

Then the sexfight got really erotic as they locked mouth-to-pussy in a juicy sixty-nine. Rachel's ass was red and burning like fire as Gina licked and deep-fingered her. Gina worked her over good and both women moaned as they brought each other closer to orgasm. Gina moved on top of Rachel and began a hard, wet grind clit-to-clit. They pinched nipples and fondled breasts as their pussies slurped and slapped. Their moans told the story as their hips pounded away smacking clit against clit.

Whenever they weren't sexfighting they were locked mouth-to-mouth and deep kissing. Then they would lock up again and begin another hard grind. Gina and Rachel, both in their 40's, showed what two sexually confident women could do to each other. They traded orgasms and tried to wear each other down. After 45 minutes they began to tire but neither woman wanted to quit. They were bathed in sweat and each other's juices, but they fought on and on.

They placed their fingers in each other's mouth so that they could taste their own juices. Then they kissed and licked each other before they resumed their sexfight. It took all their willpower to hold their orgasms in as they attacked and countered. The trib in this video is possibly the roughest I've seen. Gina likes it rough and Rachel never backs down. I don't know who I'll match Gina against next but whoever she is she'd better be ready for a rough time.