After Rachel's loss to Joslyn in CF45 she called me and wanted another competition, right away!  I asked Rachel if she had another woman in mind and she said, "Mishell or Alexis because I want to learn from the best and both are undefeated!" I reminded Rachel there was a reason they were undefeated but she didn't care. This video documents the erotic competition between two very competitive women. It is a friendly competition but hard-fought! Rachel was determined to force Mishell do what few other women had... orgasm over and over.

The women began their "feeling out phase" with fingering, thumbing, scissor trib and clit manipulation. Mishell said, "Oh, something's working, you're getting nice and wet!" Rachel laughed a knowing laugh. Mishell added, "I'm gonna grind you real good!" "Oh yeah!" responded Rachel. From that point on the room was filled with heavy breathing and soft moans along with the delicious sounds that sticky clits and pussylips make when they rub and grind together! Rachel surprised Mishell by making her orgasm first and quickly gained the lead!

Both women opened wide and offered no defense. Each woman made a point to spread her lips open.  There are some great close-ups of their pussylips sticking and clinging together! Mishell rallies and ties the match with each woman now at 1 forced orgasm apiece! Mishell is not used to giving up the first orgasm in her sexfights. Rachel is a beautiful and sexy woman who knows how to please other women. Mishell moaned more than she had in any of her previous sexfights against Jessie, Dakota and Joslyn.

Both women started fingering each other - doggie-style - and it went back and forth! Mishell often devastates her opponent with deep, deep fingering. She's used this tactic against every woman she's faced - and WON! Mishell is my best sexfighter! (What do you think, Alexis?) Rachel is no quitter and after forty-three minutes the score was tied 2 - 2. I will tell you that the final score was 4-3 and it was competitive all the way! This is my prediction... that Rachel will be a FORCE to be reckoned with from this point on! She gave Mishell all she could handle and learned a lot about erotic competition!

Mishell moved Rachel into the sixty-nine position. Both women licked deeply! But Mishell proved better and said, "I think you just came all over my face!" Rachel answered, "That's what you get!"  "Now we're back even, huh?" replied Mishell, "I got you back, bitch! Bring that pussy over here!"  They mashed their wet pussies together. Rachel said, "I'm not done with you yet!" Mishell broke away and stuck her thumb into Rachel's wet hole. Rachel returned the favor. "Fuck that thumb!" said Rachel. The next 2 orgasms were forced through deep-fingering!