On the date this sexfight took place Becky and Alissa were still "GIRLFRIENDS."  They were taking a break from dating men and had been spending time together.  But they had never taken the time to see which one of them had the stronger sex drive until now.  They began their erotic encounter by checking each other out.  Squeezing breasts and butts, slipping fingers, knees and thighs between each other's legs.

Alissa loves to trib and she wasted little time.  She matched her clit against Becky's and they began to scrape their clits together.  It didn't take long before both pussies became wet and their lips to stick and pull at each other.  Alissa calls it, "Pussy Kissing" and it is an accurate description.  Becky proved to be quite good at this maneuver and she traded "kisses" eagerly with her girlfriend.  There is a lot more struggle to this fight than usual and wrestling fans will appreciate it.  It seems "girlfriends" HATE to lose to each other.  For us, this is a good thing.

The match was more competitive than I had imagined it would be.  There was very little trash talking, if any, but their fight was hard-fought.  The trib, and there is much, reveals how turned on they were.  Their breathing and squeals tell the story well.  When they clit-fight it is delicious seeing them grind together.  Both Becky and Alissa used their "weapons" to edge each other closer to orgasm.  Out of the eight orgasms forced during this sexfight HALF of them are the result of TRIB.

Speaking of delicious, there are a couple of scrumptious sixty-nine competitions.  It is obvious that these two "know" each other well because their licking is fast and furious.  Becky tongue fucks Alissa hard and deep and Alissa does her best to return as good and deep as she can.  Their breathing tells the story as both women give their all.  Deeply probing tongues disappear between tender, swollen lips in search of the PRIZE.  All of this stimulation engorges their clits for what is to CUM next.

Becky shows her skill at Rodeo Trib and Straddle Trib when she eagerly mounts her girlfriend.  She has mastered the Art of Trib and forces Alissa to THREE straight orgasms!  At this point I thought there was NO WAY that Alissa could recover.  In fact, Becky is so good at trib that I would love to match her against Alexis or Joslyn.  Alissa had all she could handle pussy-to-pussy from Becky.  Alissa's strengths were fingering and sixty-nine, but she was determined to beat her girlfriend at trib.

Alissa had a plan.  She convinced her girlfriend to a slight change of rules.  No defense from now on.  Each woman opened up wide to the other and granted her opponent full access to her swollen clit.  It had the desired effect as Alissa slowly evened the score.  But Becky wasn't going down easily and she fought back hard with her sex.  Alissa learned a lot about her girlfriend and I'm sure they continued their war when they got home.  There is a winner.  Is it the newcomer or the veteran?  You'll have a "hard" time finding out.