Joslyn evaluates newcomer Rachel in order to determine her sexual prowess.  Rachel had called and asked if she could try sexfighting for herself. I knew Joslyn would be the perfect woman to introduce Rachel to the world of erotic competition. They began by getting to know each other through their clothing. "I can feel your pussy is so hot!" said Joslyn as their pussylips grew wet and their clits began to swell.

Joslyn has turned out to be the "Queen of Clitfighting." Any woman who thinks she can defeat Joslyn at clitfighting please call and then get in line. "Feel our pussy juices flowing together?" asked Joslyn, "Feel that wetness?" Joslyn loves to deep-finger, too, and she really worked Rachel over. "You like getting finger-fucked?" asked Joslyn. "Love it!" replied Rachel, "I could do this all day!"

"You're tight!" said Joslyn. "You're so wet!" answered Rachel. Once they finished opening each other up they moved closer in order to grind their clits pussy-to-pussy. "Let's get those clits lined-up nice," said Rachel, "You're so wet!" "Slap those pussies together!" Joslyn said. "C'mon you dirty little whore!" answered Rachel, "Ooh, you're so fuckin' hot! Grind it!" Two of the FIVE ORGASMS forced in this video are obtained through trib. These two were truly hot for each other.

At one point Rachel is forced to orgasm and her pussy begins to quiver and shake. Joslyn says, "See the hole? You came good, huh?" From that moment on Joslyn couldn't stop gazing at Rachel's quivering pussylips. When the clitfighting resumed Joslyn was relentless. Her clit was swollen and hard. "Fuck me, baby!" exclaimed Rachel. Joslyn stabbed her hard clit deep in-between Rachel's spread-open pussylips.

When Joslyn mounts Rachel for some spirited Rodeo Trib her nipples are the hardest and proudest I've ever seen. Joslyn is radiant in her powerful sexuality. One of her most devoted fans calls her "The Goddess of Erotic Competition."

"Are you going to cum?" asks Rachel as she slaps her pussy up into Joslyn's. "Only if you make me!" Joslyn shot back. From the Scissor Trib position Joslyn grunts and says, "Grind that fuckin' cunt!" Rachel doesn't disappoint.

This video has a little of everything. Two forced orgasms due to Trib, one forced orgasm from fingering, another from pussy-sucking and a powerful orgasm from Clitfighting. Joslyn gave Rachel a clinic on sexfighting and Rachel is eager to sexfight again. At the end each woman demonstrates her pussy-sucking technique for licking pussy and sucking clits. Only one of the women is able to force her opponent to cum. This video has heat!