Both VERONIKA and JOSLYN were beaten by ALEXIS! It was my decision that only ONE of them would be granted a rematch! The winner of this sexfight would get her chance! "Are you a nasty little whore?" asked Joslyn It didn't take long for the trash-talking to begin! The women used their dirty talk to try and excite the other woman!

As soon as the CLITFIGHTING began it was obvious that Veronika's breathing rapidly increased! Her clit grew and started to swell, as did Joslyn's, as they ground them against each other! Joslyn has turned into a devastating clitfighter and she used it again and again against Veronika! "Let's rub 'em together!" said Joslyn. "You're a nasty bitch, aren't you?" said Veronika. Joslyn answered, "Yes, I am!"

Neither woman backed down from trib! Again and again they locked up pussy-to-pussy as they tried their best to grind each other to orgasm! Their pussylips clung together! Veronika prefers to bang pussies and she certainly did her best against Joslyn! Joslyn likes to grind lips-to-lips and mash her clit against Veronika's swollen clit!

This video has a lot of deep fingering! Both Veronika and Joslyn used it to devastating effect! Whenever they would finger each other their fingers would cause the juices to flow! Neither woman backed down from any challenge presented by the other! Their sexfight was only scheduled for 60 minutes but they didn't want to stop! It took over 80 minutes for them to wear each other out!

Editing is choosing which camera had the best angle. It is my choice that I present to you. While making my choices I couldn't get over how sexy they looked and how determined they were to out-sex the other! One detail will become evident when you view this sexfight! Both women opened wide and offered no defense! One of them repeatedly had to make a hasty retreat as the feelings began to overwhelm her!

This video is a deep-finger lovers dream! Rapid-fire at times, slow and probing at others. It was all I could do to get a good angle on it! It's not easy for me to keep my eyes glued on my camera's viewfinder! I hope your speakers or headphones can pick-up the unmistakable sounds of wet pussies and searching fingers meeting! This video also features one of the hottest sixty-nines I've witnessed! There is also one orgasm decided by deep-fingering and choking! I've never seen that before! Veronika asks, "Does your pussy hurt?" The sixty-nine challenge features both close-up camera angles together on the same screen!