This video was first talked about more than a year ago when MISHELL was first crowned Sexfight Champion of my website. At that time JOSLYN called me and stated that ROXY had not give MISHELL a true test because she didn't deep-finger her during their Championship match! JOSLYN felt that a TRUE CHAMPIONSHIP SEXFIGHT had to include deep-fingering because it is such a devastating weapon in a woman's sexfighting arsenal. I couldn't have agreed more with what JOSLYN was telling me, so JOSLYN'S challenge to MISHELL was issued and she eagerly accepted! The CHAMPIONSHIP SEXFIGHT WAS ON!!!

Once they started MISHELL grabbed JOSLYN'S nipple as both women searched for the other's clit. It didn't take long before pussyholes were invaded as each explored her opponent's wetness. JOSLYN rolls MISHELL onto her back and climbs on top and begins a combination of sixty-nine and deep-fingering. "I can take you from below!" states MISHELL.

MISHELL, determined to defend her Championship Title, pushes her finger deeper into JOSLYN'S hole! This really gets the juices flowing! "I'm going to find your weak spots and take you down, bitch!" claims MISHELL.

MISHELL probes even deeper into JOSLYN'S pussyhole with her fingers and presses her thumb on JOSLYN'S clit!"You're starting right off the bat, aren't you?" asks JOSLYN. "Why not? Gotta' get a head start!" answers MISHELL. JOSLYN moans when MISHELL plunges her fingers even deeper!

"Go ahead. Ride my fingers! Yeah, how's that feel, bitch?" says MISHELL. JOSLYN moves into a sixty-nine and begins to suck MISHELL'S clit as she deep-fingers the Champion! MISHELL moans in response to JOSLYN'S dual attack! "I'm only moaning because I like the taste of your pussy in my mouth!" is MISHELL'S reply.

The women deep-finger each other almost exclusively although they take short time-outs to clitfight and trib! But the majority of the fight is deep-fingering and it is deep and thorough! "Oh! Guess what?" asks MISHELL. "What?" answers JOSLYN. "THREE slipped in!" replies MISHELL. "FUCKIN' BITCH!" is JOSLYN'S only retort! This sexfight was a war and even included a little double-dildo competition. However, the main action is deep-fingering and it is wonderful to watch as the Champion and the Veteran have at it for our viewing pleasure!