Undefeated Mishell wanted to find out just how good her sexfighting skills were. Up to this point she had defeated women with little sexfighting experience. So she challenged sexy veteran sexfighter Joslyn to a NUDE sexfight! Joslyn never needs a reason to sexfight and was only too happy to oblige Mishell. They met on a bed in just garter belts, stockings and high heels. It didn't take long for them to lock up pussy-to-pussy.

Joslyn mounted Mishell and began a probing grind. Mishell knew instantly that she could quickly "lose it" to this crafty veteran. Mishell started to fight back and matched Joslyn's pussy grinding stroke-for-stroke! The women were grinding into each other harder and harder to the point where their pussies were becoming red and swollen! Fortunately, there was baby oil nearby!

Clit-to-clit their oily pussies slapped and slurped together, the sound alone throughout this video will be enough to "satisfy" you! This is a classic sexfight between two extremely competitive and sexy women! Each took her turn in the dominate position grinding pussies while looking down into the eyes of her opponent! The sound of their wet crotches will drive you wild!

This video runs 70 minutes and it is full of trib! The women take a few "time outs" to deep-finger each other and stimulate the other woman's clit! Speaking of clits this video is a milestone because it features our very first clitfight! I had never seen a clitfight before and, I must say, I LOVED IT!!! You will, too!

A clitfight is unlike any female competition I've ever seen! Mishell and Joslyn became so aroused so quickly when they scraped their pussies together full length in full contact touching clit-to-clit!  I've spoken with many of you over the phone and you've heard me talk about a "Frazier-Ali" type of sexfight, that special competition that brings the Greatness out in both sexfighters!

This is that special combination where BOTH women REALLY wanted to win! There IS a winner and it WAS hard-fought and you will HEAR what two hard-fighting pussies grinding together in oil sounds like! If you only purchase ONE of my videos this year make it this one! You won't be disappointed! I was just 3 feet away while videotaping it and I was more excited than I've ever been (and I've witnessed scores of sexfights)! These two women will rematch very soon and I can't wait!