Hope is a "biker chick" and knows how to streetfight. Jessie is younger and lighter and has never been in a streetfight. She is experienced in sexfighting and on this day she needed that advantage! Hope and Jessie are both dancers at the same adult nightclub. Both had an interest in the same customer. Rather than risk serious injury in a streetfight Jessie challenged Hope to a sexfight in front of our cameras!

After some finger pointing and name calling they started yanking panties! I've never seen such painful wedgies in any other video from any company! These were meant to inflict as much pain as possible! Each woman grabbed both front and back and began to "saw" the panties between her rival's pussylips!  It was extremely painful to their clits! This video is NOT for everyone! There is nothing gentle or friendly about it!

When they decided to find out who had the stronger sex they assumed the trib position. But there was no slow and sensuous grinding because they roughly slammed their crotches together! Every action caused pain! Their deep fingering often became deep pounding! Each forced orgasm was painful and humiliating!

This was a sexfight over a man and the loser would have to submit to the winner! It features some of the dirtiest sexfighting since CF01 GINA vs FAYE! Their orgasms were forced through pain instead of pleasure! As you can imagine, there was much trash talking and name calling! These women were determined to humiliate each other as much as possible! Both women showed a lot of skill and confidence sexually!

Something I had never seen before was how one woman, after weakening her rival and forcing her to orgasm, would continue to humiliate and abuse her! Women are cruel beyond belief! You'll witness Hope and Jessie inflicting it on each other! This video features crude language and mean women!

As a fan of competitive sexfighting I was pleased to witness one of the greatest turnarounds I could ever have imagined! One of these two is dominating the sh*t out of the other one when a deeply applied finger catches the tormentor off guard! The hunter suddenly becomes the hunted! Now I understand what that phrase means!