Nakita scheduled this sexfight between Dakota and Mishell. She gave instructions to both women and then turned them loose on each other! Both women are very competitive and not afraid to fight dirty! Each woman took a turn to familiarize herself with her opponent's body. Then Nakita gave them the signal and the sexfight began! They locked lips in a passionate kiss as their fingers explored further below!

Mishell is undefeated after her sexfight with Jessie in CF33. Dakota barely lost to Joslyn in CF22 and then totally dominated Sasha in CF25! These two women are very competitive and this is a first-class sexual competition! Totally nude they waded into each other. They pushed their pelvises together in a sensual bump and grind. This sexfight was about to shift into high gear!

Nakita chose these two women because of their competitiveness and she wasn't disappointed! Their deep tongue kisses and deep-fingering got both sexfighters wet and ready! When they locked up in a wet pussy-to-pussy trib you could hear the fight taking place between their thighs! They thrust their fingers deep inside each other as their tongues darted and probed. There is so much passionate kissing that you won't be able to catch your breath!

Mishell is very adept with her mouth and she used it effectively against Dakota! But Dakota is a beautiful, sensual woman who knows how to melt another woman's defenses and stoke the flames of her desire! They worked each other over for sixty minutes non-stop! There was no effort at defense by either woman. This incredible sexfight was all offense!

Mishell climbed on top of Dakota and began to pound away with her fingers! Dakota answered back and gave Mishell all she could handle! They locked up in a sexy sixty-nine as they fought for supremacy! More passionate kissing and fondling followed before they repositioned themselves on hands and knees where they renewed their attacks to their most intimate prize!

Dakota was devastating with her fingers! She really made Mishell squirm. The look on Mishell's face told volumes! This video is one of our most competitive ever. It was a shame that one woman had to lose. I give this video my highest recommendation! It has become one of my favorites!